White widow grow journal and two unknown seeds



I was checking my big in ground ones and have found some sawdust and holes in the stems. what can i do? neem oil? need help

i also have found some white fluff on the sides of some lower branches.

the supercrop left a big hole which i think is pictured.

thanks for any help


@mindlesscorpse you can actually see the hole between the top where the bore went down.

@latewood here are more examples of the corn bore for reference


Outside u have to close up any holes from pests and moisture. Try neem oil or spinosad soap. And get that hole closed up.


do you see the sawdust? theve been burrowing in the plant/

does neem oil work on plants that are in flowering stage? asking just in case my others get it. fortunately these arent in flowering


I picked up some stuff from Walmart yesterday that sprays and says on the front harvest right after. Haven’t seen a bug since I sprayed them.


Maybe this will help :crossed_fingers:



its a borer. 95% positive

fortunately i have bt. i will be treating them asap with it . anybody know the affects of bt on marijuana smoking? these plants arent even in flower



robert bergman is the goat


I have decided that it is too late to lollipop these wwas.

Please tell me otherwise


I hit the plants on the rollers with neem oil


dt tomorrow morn on the in ground ones with european corn bore. pray for me.

also, ordered some AK-47 autoflowers to hopefully get a second crop in. Its pretty dam hot here in massachusetts in the summer, but by the fall time the ak-47 will be suitable (rated for cool climate)


You seem to have got all the info you need.
By the way…I grew up in Norwell, Mass.


im in the natick area :slight_smile: . my college roommate was from norwell. very nice town.


European corn borer and white aphids


Do NOT use Neem on plants in flower! It will foul the taste of the buds.


Good thing we caught this early.

I used a BT solution on the affected ones

How much longer do you think these unaffected wwas will be until harvest?


Looks like you still have a few weeks to go. The pistils are still very long and white.


Should i lollipop them?


I’m thinking 4-6 weeks left. Maybe less, but all white pistils let’s me know you’re at least a few weeks out :v:


Hard to say
My experience is limited on myco
I only started using it on this grow


I like to but not sure if it is wise to do so with them that far along in flower