White widow grow journal and two unknown seeds

Got inspired to do this. I think it would be great for advice and the community seems fun. The photos first:


Shit got out of order above ^.

Started those photos from random seeds i got.

Here are the ILGM WW autos:

Started them in cotton balls to peat cups and transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pots.

I will be better with pictures from here on out.

Using all organic soil amd dont think im going to use any fertilier/ ph adjuster throughout their life time.

I germinated 9 altogether.

Only have pictures of the first two that sprouted.

More to come…

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Better pictures to come. Sorry folks-doing this through the cell phone

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Transplanted ww3,4 into final pots

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Fed the photos i have in ground 5-3-3

**any recommendations for stress training?

I am waiting until another set of leaves come in before i top them. Would tying them down to the side so the sun hits the main stem be a good idea? Or do i want the leaves to be tied toward the sun? **

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Ww 5,6,7,8

9 hasnt come up…

Photos getting big.

Any recommendations for lst/hst?

Huge stem! Also going to need help with gender identification


The photos

Ready to top i think

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Plants are looking amazing

S/o to the helpers on here (excuse me for blowing you guys up) :wink:


And those not listed

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Im really confused how to do lst/supercropping.

What branches do i tie down and what branches do i snap. Thanks

Also, the white widows smell amazing

Pinch the stem with your fingers and bend it over and you’ll feel it crunch you can roll it just be careful not to break it

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main stem? or branches?

how many nodes up? good to do after topping?

See where these are? I squeezed them

right where I topped. I tied the rest down