White Widow (Greenhouse Seeds) DWC

10 weeks from the start of 12/12 and the trich’s are about 80% cloudy and 20% clear… Keep on truckin’

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Week 10 pic.

I’ll probably start to flush at 11 weeks (if she keeps making good progress). Then let her go until fully flushed.

Oh, I also change the light cycle to 11/13 for a week then cut it to 10/14 for a week. Last 24-48hrs before harvest, total darkness. This has worked well for me with this plant.


Looking fabulous great job !!!

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Thanks man. The flush is about to start. I’d like the fan leaves good and yellow at harvest. I’ve never been able to get that timing right.

I have a strain called Serious Happiness from Serious Seeds. It’s a limited release cross between their Warlock male and their AK47 mother.

Clones from my serious happiness mother are showing roots now. So they’ll have to spend some extra time in the cloner before transplanting into the buckets. But at least they’ll be good to go as soon as I chop.

I’m looking forward to the “Happiness” grow. Hopefully it lives up to its name… We shall see

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11 weeks in the books. Still no amber in the trichs. Starting the flush tonight (hope it’s not too early), should be able to flush her real good before she’s ready to harvest.

Pics of my girl at flush. Should be pretty good weight all things considered.

Next update will be at harvest.


Very nice grow you have there

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Harvest at 12? Again?

Last grow was 8 clones in a shallow 5gal tote. This time one plant in a 5gal bucket.

Maybe it reaching maturity faster this time?

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Looking great @GreenMachine

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Def more amber trichs than last time at this age. My flush timing is all off now… That just never works out for me.
Need to run the same plant, in the same set-up, at least twice to get that timing down right.


I definitely see the Amber!


Update: so here’s what’s been going on…

At 11 weeks I drained 3/4 of the system and filled with R/O PH’d water. Changed light cycle to 11/13.

At 12 weeks I’m continuing to top the system off with R/O water and changed the lights to 10/14.

This Thursday is 13 weeks complete, and ready or not she might have to come down. My happiness clones are growing in the cloner now and there’s enough roots that I’m worried about getting them through the net pots.

Currently < 3% amber trichs.


So beautiful

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Ok, 13 weeks complete. I took a look at her up close and personal… And she revealed to me… Still ~3% amber, and 0 Amber on the actual calyx’s.

I’m letting her go another week…

She’s coming down at 14 regardless. I’m not even going to look at up close from this point. I’ll continue the flush, 10/14 cycle for four more days then lights out for 72hrs, then chop.

my wife lost a bet, so she gets to trim

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I am.also new to growing my. First was ak47 one plant did beautiful my cat at 2 so she thought they where dodo.which led me to by a grow bow where I have one Jack Herrera a and six white widows all little young ones but doing good

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I couldn’t wait any longer lol. Down she comes at about 13 1/2 weeks. Looks like it’ll end up about 5-6oz. Not bad for one plant I guess.

Here’s a couple of final pics for ya.


WOW is all i can say very nice


Thanks Brian.

Serious Happiness clones going in tonight. Might be doing some root trimming.


Serious Happiness grow.

Man that cool tube put out some big fat colas huh .

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really nice. The dryer looks like it is meant for the task.