White Widow (Greenhouse Seeds) DWC

So, I was going through my personal seed bank to see what I had and came across two WW fems and two SLH (Super Lemon Haze) fems.

The Plan: Grow “mothers” in soil, take two clones from each to flower hydroponically and choose the best one to keep long term.

Fast forward - Clones are in the hydro.
12/12 light cycle started ~ 12/18/15

About half way there…


We’ll journey back and give you all the info a little later… It’s getting late here.

Here’s to seeing the finish!

DAMN ! ! That is some NICE looking colas! Good job !

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Thanks Tx, appreciate it.

The background: So, like many others, I started out with a small (36"w X 24"d X 36"h) turn key cabinet. I quickly found out that for most strains of cannabis this cab was far too short.

Solution? I went to the local home improvement store, purchased a 72" tall storage cab, gutted the small turn key cab and transferred all the components into my new larger cab.

The reservoir/tote that came with the small cab is shallow (5-6" deep) and only 5 gallons with 14 3" net pots. Do I still use this res? You bet! The pics above are 4 WW clones (the tall ones in the four corners) and 4 SLH clones (shorter and in the middle).

The light powering this little set-up is a 400w MH/HPS, and yes, heat can be an issue here.

Mothers started: 2 WW/2 SLH

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For cloning, I use an Easy Cloner. It has never failed me. The SLH cuttings showed roots in just 7 days. The WW showed roots at 11-12 days.

Rooted clones in res… Here we go!

Progressing nicely…

I use GH nutes. Start off at 400ppm and gradually increase until it reaches about 1000ppm. Much stronger than that and they’ll start to burn.


So that gets us pretty much caught up.

To sum up: 8 plants in a 5gal res running GH nutes. About half way done. I’ll start decreasing nutrient strength in a couple of weeks then flush the final week.

Bud porn…
These are lower (popcorn) buds on the SLH

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The girls have overgrown the cab so I opened the doors and hung some reflectix over the front.

Hope this gives them a little more room and helps with the heat issue.

Well damn. It looks like my ph has been running a little low. Fan leaves are showing Ca deficiency.

Got some cal/mag + and raised the PH.

Buds are starting to put on weight. Had to tie those large colas up to keep them upright.

Does anyone use blackstrap molasses during flush?

Bud shots:

Super Lemon Haze


Bud Shots:

White widow


looks good.

i am shocked at your success with that small box. my first grow was in that box (with 2gallon res) and it was a disaster. so much so,…i have ptsd! will never grow hydro again!!! lol

but good job man, well done.

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Well, the box itself isn’t that small. It’s 6ft tall and a little over 2ft wide, but the res IS quite small (5gal) to hold 8 plants.

I’ve grown in soil and hydro, and for me, hydro is the way to go. I’ve got complete control over the growing environment and the growth rate is incredible.

We’re about at the 3/4 point of the grow and I can make some observations about the individual plants.

Remember, there are 8 clones from 4 different “mothers”, all in a 5 gal reseviour.

Plant A: White Widow (Greenhouse seeds)

This plant is a little shorter than the other WW. It’s also more nutrient tolerant and has long tight cola/buds.


Plant B: Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seeds)

This plant is pretty much a runt. Hasn’t branched out much, got over shadowed by the other plants and as a result hasn’t produced much at all.

On a side note - this one is my cats favorite to nibble on lol

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Plant C: WW (GHS)

This sucker is TALL and looks like it’ll be a good yielder. It is more sensitive to the nutrients than the other and the buds are not as tight. This could be due to the height of the plant and the proximity to the light.

This one might be good for a SCROG grow.

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