White Widow getting close

These look pretty much mostly milky to me, what do you all see? I don’t trust my eyes anymore to well.
I took a little cutting this morning trying to get a good look…too me, this looks pretty close to all cloudy but I haven’t figgured out how to get the best out of this microscope deal yet.
Anyway, I took one of the small “hidden” flowers and took this picture, then I vaped some and actually got a pretty enjoyable buzz off her. I think I’ll watch her real careful over the next week, vape up some more of what I cut today, and decide how much longer I want this thing to go, because I think she’s close for my taste.

Shes looks close my friend, very close.

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Thank-you Gunther, I think so too.

No problem at all, looking frosty

What kind of microscope do you use? @Rodly

I don’t know, some Chinese thing that I got off of Amazon. You can plug it into the phone or the computer. I prefer to put it on a stand and plug it into the computer because I can’t use it at all with a phone, I’m just too shaky if I try to hand hold it out in the field.

The trichomes will probably stay in that cloudy status given the amount of white pistils shown in the photo. I would say you have a while to go.


I agree with @beardless . I see a lot of clear still.


Thanks @beardless @TEGRITY I’ve been messing around with the microscope some more this am. I’ll put those up in a minute. To me, most trichs still appear cloudy, as I’ve said, could be my eyes, also I’m not finding any amber trichs on this sample, but I know I saw several on (nothing near 10% or even 5% for that matter) on my top cola still in the garden. I agree there is some time left I’m just not sure how much. I’ve never grown WW before, and this particular seed is allegedly an early finisher, so it’s time for me to start paying more attention to my baby girl.
These shots are from my most occluded “baby cola” cut yesterday. I was a bit surprised at the intensity of the high that I got from it fresh off the cut. I’m excited to see what my little back-up turns into. Anyway, we got an unexpected rainstorm last night, so it’ll be a few days letting her dry out, this is one time I’m glad about living a semi-arid climate, not as many mold worries as many of you folks have. Thanks for the comments!





So here are some more from the same bud…

Just because I enjoy taking pictures of these things…

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I’m kind of torn with this little plant, between letting it grow further, and just taking it right now. The sample that I’ve been vaping off for about a week, really has a nice pleasant, yet still relaxing high. I’d like to let it run until it has probably about, I don’t know 5% amber trichs, but the yellowing, splotchy leaf problem has continued and grown up the plant toward the flowers. I’ve continued to prune the yellow and spotty leaves, but I don’t want the stuff getting into the flowers. Therein lies The Dilemma. It seems to be just affecting the fans, but I don’t want to lose the whole plant especially since it’s really a nice smoke right now. I went out there this morning with the intention of cutting the whole thing down, I ended up only taking the lowest flowers. And pruning off more dead and dying leaves. I left the tops, and I’m going to try and pack trichs on them as long as I can and watch for the slightest bit of trouble from the yellowing problem thing… but if I even have any hint that this yellowing problem begins to affect the flowers I’m going to just take them all right then, because I can’t lose what is already a satisfactory experience to trich greed. Anyway here in pictures is what I’ve done today.