White Widow Funkiness

Here’s a pic from a feminized White Widow. I’m not liking the look of this leaf, anybody know what’s the matter?

Leaf was in midair, was not touching the ground or other vegetation.

Any pics of the hole plant?

What is she in (soil, coco hydro)?
How long has she been in it if it’s a buffered soil such as fox farms.

What if any nutes are you giving her?

  • @Mr_Wormwood … Here she is. She’s from my first “store bought” seed from another vendor (They didn’t have any Maui in stock, so I just ordered something to give me a grow if necessary), hatched her indoors around 1st of May I think, moved her outdoors around 15th or so. Soil is essentially 1/3 cheapo Wal-Mart Topsoil, 1/3 cheapo steer manure/compost mix, and 1/3-ish peet moss…and whatever dirt was already there. Yummies: a few doses of fish emulsion, and maybe a shot of Cultivation Nation Flower coupla weeks ago when I noticed her pre-flower. But I’m old and I don’t remember if I did that for her or not, I do remember thinking about it though. Basically, outside of watering, I’ve mostly just left her alone as a backup to my Maui in case that one turned out to be a female. That’s pretty much the story on the Widow.
    I’m kinda thinking it may be a watering issue from splashing. Sometimes I’m not as careful as I should be. Anyway, there were 2-3 leaves similar to this, I pruned them and a couple yellow leaves.

Have you been monitoring the ph level of your water or just straight from the hose?

I’m just spitballing some of the more common causes of leaf yellowing

No, I haven’t been monitoring anything really…it’s irrigation water through a ‘soaker’ system augmented by me squirting down the bed now and then, when it’s looking too dry…same water for both uses. I’m horrible at record keeping, I’ve tried over and over to change that, but I just keep losing interest in that process. So basically I just try not to do anything too stupid, and depend on the plant to do what it was designed to do, then when there’s a problem, I try to find the answer and address the specific problem. She’s in a brand new bed with questionable soil quality and could probably use some nutrients…it’s about time for some more flowering meds according to the bottle…so I’m going to watch her for a few days to see if anymore ugly browning happens also, I think I’ll lay off of the squirt hose. I’ll amend the soil before next season so it’ll be a better bed and devoted to weed, so I don’t have to find a one-size-fits-all watering plan for everything in the bed. I’m just trying to get this one to season’s end. She’s trying to give me some buds, so I’m gonna try and let her.

I understand the simple approach, but ph is very important… if it’s too far off in either direction, you get nutrient lock out

I’d consider getting a quality meter and testing at least the water going into plant

Good luck with your grow and o hope splotches don’t spread :grinning:

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Hey. I am a 1st time inside White Widow Auto Flower grower. THEY have popped up and Apx 1/2 to 1" tall. I’m guessing To transplant in a couple weeks. Question ? Should I use a 3 Gal or can I use a 5 Gal Grow Bag for my Inside Grow ? If I use the 5 Gal. for Auto Flower is that TOO Big ? I was going to use my 3 Gal Pots that have holes in the Bottom and have Catch pan on the Bottom for water to drain. Thanks much. Great site and People

5 gallon gallon is fine
A lot of us use them
3 gal is fine too but if you have the room go 5 imo

Outdoors in the ground low dose hydro fertilzers don’t cut it. I use a supersoil full of everything and the kitchen sink and this time of year I have to give a stronger dose of liquid fertilizers. Outdoors I prefer to use straight regular non bloom miracle grow. It has a higher nitrogen content. Test pH first. I give mine in 3 half dose increments in a 10 day period. Good luck!

It’s interesting that you mention Miracle-Gro. That’s what I used for my first two grows and it did just fine. The only reason I’m not using this year is because I ran out. Then I talk myself into going in buying all these fancy fertilizers and horseshit, that I have no experience with and try to put them on a variety that I have no experience growing. I don’t even know how big this WW is supposed to get, my Maui is eyeball high (I’m 6’), after being stretched and pulled in every which direction to keep it low. It’s taller than anything I’ve ever grown at this point in the season,and I still got full top colas to grow! my WW, I’m not really sure how tall it is, cuz I Christmas treed it horizontally, I imagine if I measured the mainstem it would come in somewhere between two- two and a half feet… So yeah, I kind of long for the days of Miracle-Gro… I keep worrying I’m going to put the wrong stuff in the ground at the wrong time. Some of the numbers on these fertilizers are freaking huge! Makes me real nervous to mess with them too much.

I put some yummies on today, just to try and curb the leaf yellowing a little bit. All the yellowing leaves come from the Lower Side of the plant so it’s the old leaves yellowing first. Over the weekend I did an experiment with a Maui cutting that I just had hanging out in water. It’s leaves had begun yellowing and it hadn’t had any nutrition since I took the cutting. So I put a little squirt of fish Emulsion in the water and blammo! Next day all of the leaves are green again!

Pic is from immediately after feeding, so nothing has happened yet, but I’ll keep track.

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Also, the fertilizer numbers should be around 6 - 37 - 26 with the fish emulsion combined with the flower potion. Although it won’t be quite that strong cuz I mixed it into about a gallon and a half rather than a gallon.

Rain leeches the soil. Most hydro type fertilizers are low dose. Miracle grow has a bad rep with alot of pot growers for good reason but it will work if used right. Most overdose with it.

I use fish and kelp, Cal Mag, earthworm casting juice, general hydro Kool bloom 0 10 10, and terpinator indoors and on regular outdoor feedings but around August every year outdoors I have to use a stronger fertilizer for a bit and miracle grow is easy to find in a small box then it goes back in cabinet till next August. I would strongly advise all new growers to not use it indoors.

Thanks GCG. I really need to learn more about fertilizers and indoor processes, my growing love is still the great outdoors, but it’d be real nice to get a couple of harvests a year instead of just one. I’ve got a 4’x2’ grow tent and fixins out in the garage that I haven’t even put together yet, mostly due to outdoor season and just general lack of interest in the indoor game. But my apathy in that direction is definitely costing me knowledge, so I should just buckle down and fire the dang thing up over the Winter. Thanks for your input!

…also water pH looks between 7-7.5 on my 3 way…not sure what that means, or how I would fix it if somethings wrong guess I’ll do a little you-tubing later on.

Please show a pic of this 3way
If it’s what I think it is, (3 way probe thing) it’s garbage that can’t be trusted

I was told NEVER EVER Use Miracalegrow . Sorry for spelling. Auto Flower seedlings would BURN UP.

I have already harvested 6 big devil auto, 2 White widow auto and one Bruce banner auto so far this year.

I have two white widow autos now that are 4 to 5 feet high in 3 gallon pots. They are good for an early and late harvest in pots or bags.

Your gonna have to get more interest in that indoor game. Especially before spring for next years outdoor. Quit messing around and set your gear up. Fire it up get her dialed in and make some Christmas tree bud for Christmas.

@Mr_Wormwood you’re probably right on with what you’re thinking, but what would the alternative be?