White widow for outdoor? comments/concern?

Looking for any comments or concerns people may have with white widow strain. i’m going to grow in northeast USA and outdoor. Hoping for some good tips or even problems that other have had with this strain.Even if your growing indoor i would still appreciate any feedback.

Widow is an easy to grow indoor and outdoor plant. Like all others do not water until dry (I use a water meter needle thingy) No water until the needle goes in the red.

It also get to be a pretty wild tree. I do autos and they r hella trees and ive heard the photos are even bigger. I het like 5 foot w.w. autos and 3 feet round isually pull about 4 oz from them and that autos. Not too bad for an auto

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That’s awesome, so if i grow 10 non-auto flowering and yield each , i could be looking at maybe 5-10 oz each.

That’s awesome i’ll be starting their germination next week and having them in pots. Smalll at first and then one transplant to larger final pot. I’m first time grow with feminized seeds and hoping all goes well

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Ull be happy as long as u can get past seedling stage and make it thru with little to no issues ull have good smoke for sure. Dont do alot at once as they get pretty massive. How big a dpace u working in again?? Nm outdoor

Start them inside asap so they r bigger for when u put them out so they grow even more then.

I just started 3 Bruce Banner autos and three WW Autos for outside. I’m using ten gallon bags with Bacto and supersoil.

How much you yield from the wwa? Do you have any pics

Roughly two to 5 ounces per plant.