White widow flowers

My plants are tall and bushy, started flowering 2 weeks ago, all was well. I grow outdoors in the NE near Lake Erie, and this year we are having cooler than normal temps. Could this cause the smaller-than-a-dime flowers to be showing amber trichomes already??? Do i have to harvest those buds so soon? As yet the super tiny buds have almost no aroma, and absolutely no crystals. This is my 1st white widow grow, but have grown other strains for 18 years, and this premature maturity has me stumped. Any help out there?

I live in Vermont so weather should be comparable. My buds are just starting to bloom.

The pistols are white but could be normal to have one or a few turn amber. This plant is starting to show trichomes/crystals which is earlier than my other two. The others should be starting to trich up soon.

My scheduled harvest time is late September to early/mid October. The plants are very cold hardy as long as the frost isn’t a heavy one. Cover the plant during heavy frosts.

Your buds should be just starting. A month and a half from now they will look much different.

Thanks Shindig123. I!ll keep a close eye on them, hoping they’ll plump up alot more. If the weather reports predict 50 degrees or under i put them in my garage, back outside early morning or later, when temps rise. I’m not used to amber trichomes till mid September, so…

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Difference between Amber Pistils and Amber Trichs. Do u have pics?

I’m in NE NJ, so a little south of where you guys are, but mine look similar to @shindig153 , just starting to tric up, some more than others!

No i don’t have pics but i should explain that i mixed up the terminology, it’s actually multiple pistols which are already amber, not trichomes. The process this year seems out of sync, but they look beautiful and I’m just going to leave them alone for now, aside from weekly fertilizer. Thanks for responding.

No problem. Heat can turn pistils early. As apparently can rain then heat… but u should be fine. The problem is when it gets brittle and dusty

i don’t…besides i should have said amber pistils, no trichomes yet. Thanks for response

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Is it common for white widow to produce seeds even if it isn’t a make plant? I just trimmed my small outdoor white widow plants and got probably 20 seeds? Any advice would be much appreciated.

i don’t actually have the answer to your question, but wanted to say that my white widow plants have also produced a very small quantity of seeds. I have no explanation as to why, since they were fem seeds, and should not have been able to produce seeds, i thought. we did have an extreme heat wave this past summer, and i thought they might turn hermie, and they did indeed look different than the other plants. all were from white widow fem seeds. i will plant a couple in 2021 grow season (outdoor) and update as to whether they are viable and fem. my last comment is that horticulture is not an exact science, that was my occupation for 30 years plus. you gotta go with the flow! so don’t give up or worry, it could just mean you’ll have some free seeds!