White widow flowering

New grower here.
Ww fem/ indoor grow. Sea of green.
Plants have been 12/12 for 7 days. When can I expect to start seeing flowers?


I’ve read on hear that a week to 10 days or so.
When I flipped my WW they showed pistils in a few days which was pretty quick :+1:t2:


Starting into flower will only happen if the plant is sexually mature. If you flipped before it’s ready then nothing you do will help. Just an FYI.


How do I know if they were ready?

How long were they in veg? Any pictures you can share?

They were in veg 3-4 weeks. Will post pictures shortly.

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Six to eight weeks is kind of the minimum for a photoperiod plant. Until the plant shows sex it’s not gonna flower.

You will see a couple of little ‘spikes’ or ‘hairs’ at a node junction when the plant shows ready.


These are feminized seeds. Does that make a difference? Also if I flipped them to early is there anything I can do?

@Myfriendis410 has you covered looks like or have a little more time to spend in veg.


Go back to 18/6 immediately if you feel you went to 12/22 too soon. They haven’t started flowering, so impact should be minimal.

Most plants will mature in 4-5 weeks from seed. These guys smoking too much lol, and are use to vegging out large plants. . Worst case scenario is transition a couple days longer.

How about some pics, love sog grows!

I’m new to this. The reason I flipped them was because I didnt want them to get big. So I have returned them to 18-6 I guess for maybe 2 more weeks? They are 4 weeks from seed popping now.

Probably top them in the next week as well.

Myself I would top now and flip in 2 weeks I normally flip at 6 weeks

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I have a couple questions we fem in 2 5 months veg just flipped when should I switch to hps I have 600 mh I atm but heard keep that for first 2 wks of flower then switch to hps it is a ilgm ww fem I also have the ilgm superskunk fem any input on that ?