White Widow Flower Salad?


A friend recommended fan leaves as an addition to salad. I tried it and I have to say White Widow has a really nice flavor. I pruned my plants some today, they were way overdue. I took a lot of the smaller growth from below the canopy, buds and all. So now I have this bunch of sticky premature buds / sugar leaves.

I was thinking of adding a little balsamic vinegar and lemon and having a flower salad with my lunch.

Am I nuts?

I’m open to other suggestions :slight_smile:


@Masshole, wow that looks like a lot of potential bud sites? You must have a large plant/s going. Does look like a nice salad though … Lol


I do have a few very large plants. These buds had potential but the colas above them are are my focus :slight_smile: I will have more than I need from this harvest.


You eat that salad you be happy for quite some time…healthy too…:slight_smile:


you might try one of food networks recipes for grilled salad, i am kidding of course. But the plate would look simply lovely.


I have to say it is even pretty dam good fried.

Small buds dipped in egg whites, then floured and fried…salt and pepper to taste and forget about dooing anything with the rest of your day :slight_smile:

Ok so fried isn’t for everyone, but Salad is… White Widow fan leaves, balsamic vinegar and lemon. YUM


This is fricking awesome !!!
I cant smoke this stuff, but canna tempura sounds delicious…:slight_smile:


Do the leaves have side effects?

I pruned a couple of leave the other day and my dog had off with them.