White Widow first grow issue

hi there so recently a made a step in the world of growing marijuana, i made a lot of research to make a good budget growing setup and i started with 2 white widow autoflower seeds that i put in the water glass at the same time. in the 2 seeds, i got a taproot on the first seed 2 days after the water glass and sprouted 2 days after that and this plants is at its 9th days and i think it is looking great but for the second one the taproot came out 5 days after the water glass and after 4 days it didn’t break the soil so i decided to uncover the top a little bit with my nail to see if something was happening underneath and for my surprise, i discovered the top of a little leaf so i decided to let it alone and let it continue the work but now the leaves grow a little bit bigger and the first set of leaf began to grow but the plant seems to grow underground it nerver grow taller so i wanted to know if there was something to do to make stem be a little taller? i’ll shoot photo of the 2 plants thank you in advance.


Looks fine but if you want your plant to grow taller raise your light , it will force your seedling to stretch for it.

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@SKORPION thank you . the light was 14’’ from the plant now i raised it up to 28 i’ll try if it’s correct and for the bigger plant, does it need to be taller too or it is a great height?(1 3/8’’ 9th day)

The distance varies depending on your actual light intensity. Size seems fine growth is slow at the start while it builds the proper root system.

im using a LED 1000w 100% intensity

What brand

100$ grow light on amazon

OK I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that’s a 150 watt Max light. Look up blurple on the forum and you will see how the only thing 1000 watt about that light is the name. It will work at the seedling stage and may get you thru veg but it won’t be enough come flower for two plants. I too bought a 1000 watt led light off Amazon but I know now

ok thanks for that i will check for this, that was a bad recommendation from my friend… but fof the seedling which height i can set it up?

Generally I put my hand at plant level and raise it until I can’t feel much heat. Idea is if it’s too hot for your hand it’s too hot for your plants. But make sure you get light on both.


Ok thank you very much again skorpion i really appreciate it! I’ll looking for new light on the forum

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Well what’s the space your working with and a budget.

2x2 and arround 200$ sorry i have reached the maximum reply… what do you think about the spider farmer sf1000 which i can have for 229$?

Maybe a hlg 165? For a 2x2 @dbrn32


135 kit good for 2x2


Thanks guys but a hlg 135 qb v2 rspec i found is 340$ too much i can afford for now. Is a mars hydro ts1000 will be enough for my 2x2 i found one at 200$

Must be a currency exchange deal it’s less than 200 in the US.

Yes i’m in canada so it’s much higher but i’ll go with this unfortunately for a reason of time and money but i will save my money to buy a hlg 135 next year it look like a beast. I wanted to thank you again for all your help and your time!