White Widow(feminized) - SuperSoil Grow - ILGM seeds

just wanted to record progress somewhere.

and say thanks to everyone @ILGM for being so helpful.

Strain; WW feminized from ilgm

Grow Space? 10x10 tent

System type? Soil in 5gallon buckets,TGA-SubCool SuperSoil

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.3pH @ runoff

What is strength of nutrient mix? TDS @ runoff = 980

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Light system, size? 1,000W HPS and 400W HPS

Temps; Day, Night 79f/68f

Humidity; Day, Night 36%-57%

Ventilation system; yes, 6" intake and exhaust.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no, no, 

Co2; no

started germinating 4 seeds in paper towel after soaking in water.
all 4 came to life in expected time frame.
potted in small pots with happy frog soil-no nutes.
placed in tent with 1,000wHPS and 400wMH, and let them get big enough to start topping a little bit.
after about 2/3 weeks i transplanted into 5 gallon buckets with bottom 1/3rd filled with supersoil mix, and the rest with more happy frog.
let them veg 2 more weeks watering as needed with water from tap.
at about week 5 i decided they were ready to bloom.
switched lights to 12/12
switched 400w mh to 400w hps

for the most part. this go’round has been problem free. i had overwatered at one point early on, and made a mistake pH’ing my tap water incorrectly. but the pros here got me back on track fast.

4 pics below are of: Flower Cycle - Day#12

4 pics below are of: Flower Cycle - Day#21


Thats a nice grow AgentJay.
I grow alot of white widow and your plants look awesome
Keep it u hour on the right track


Nice lush green color is an indication plants are thriving and healthy . Since its white widow , what are your nutrient line , and feeding ratio ? I had a widow out grow my tent in a 1 gallon after becoming root bound , but I think 5 gallon is about the right size for white widow , due to them stretching excessively in flower . From what I’ve learned of white widow , it’s a better smoke more Amber than milky cloudy at harvest . But I must congratulate you on a job well done my friend , nice grow , but if you was to screen scrog your widows , you would quadruple your yield , due widow being a great strain for scrogging . Have you consider super cropping , that’s pinching the node knuckles until you hear a snap sound , which is just squeezing the joint until it crackle , which the plant will heal itself in a week or 2 , but it would considerably make them buds swell big time .

Beautiful. Nice and healthy!

thanks guys.
to answer your questions yoshi.
nutrients=subcool supersoil mix. if youre not familiar, just google…hes a legend.
feeding ratio=just fill 1/3rd of bucket with “hot” soil. the rest with “not”, done.

i am interested in screen scrog. ive done some basic research but. for me, right now its not doable. my 10x10 is going to be 12/12 all the time. ive set up another area for veg…but its not large enough for scrog setup.

ive read about super cropping, but i am reluctant to mess around with things when its going so well.
i do like the idea of buds swelling big time though lol. maybe you can provide some “supercropping for dummies” info?

Try mainlining, go look at my mainlining and tell me if thats for you. You can use the search…its called

My Mainlining Journal Start to finish.


Garrigan62 , seems like you agreed with my suggestions , by taking chances , experimenting with growing methods , but all in all how have things turned out for you after doing some personal choice making on manifolding and longer dark period until Ambrose ?

The light change made a big difference. The switching
to 14/10 and 72 houts of fark made a world a difference. And did tskr notes.
Npw the mainliming is taking off. I just now came in
And I swear they grew 2. 3 inches over night…lol


Garrigan I’m super proud you my friend , that you venturing out into different grow methods .

Thank Yoshi,

I’m seriously researching the idea and I will be doing a very serious journal on the wholel deal. The Auto’s And 15 Fen’s witch I will mainlin two of each.
Then picking a male satvia and taking one female each of the 5 good ones …get there seeds grow them next year and get a males from them and mix it up with the female’s again.
Well you get the picture.


day 28



Below are close up with digital microscope-day 33
i took a short video with microscope. then found some good shots, and isolated them.
there is a small light on microscope that makes everything white’ish, we will see if it presents a problem determining clarity when closer to harvest.
30 second vid below.


Wow those are some awesome looking plants my friend

Keep up thre good work.
Looking foreward to more updates.


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this time around is going way better than last time. had 2 Bianca strain in my closet and ended up with just about 3oz. of weak, dry, foul tasting bud. i harvested way too early and had some problems along the way.

now ive moved out of closet to 10’x10’x6.5’ agromax tent (which is about same price as crap-ass CashCrop box) in garage. and upgraded light to 1000w HPS, from 400wHPS. now im using both in flower-tent. the difference is night&day. closet was 10’ wide and 10’ tall, but only 2’ deep.

so now im using that for veg’ing, with a 400wMH. hoping that plants wont get too big in 4-5weeks before i can move in to tent for bloom. i have 4 more whitewidow and 2 blueberry started in closet now. they are about 2 weeks in, but so far so good.

i had to get a humidifier for veg’ closet though. was only 23%RH. got a nice 2gallon dealy at HD for $40…now its a steady 50%RH, 75F

Looking very nice there wishing you the best of luck!
Coincidentally I just received my seeds and have put 5 WW in water to start. I will be using 2X4X7 Gorilla grow with Kind 450 LED and growing in soil. Wish me luck as well for this is my first go at it :slightly_smiling:

5 plants in 2x4? thats gonna end up being pretty-tight.

good luck!

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No I will cull to 3 but since it’s first grow I wanted a little flex room

yeah, makes sense.
i started with 6 on 1st attempt. grr stupid cashcrop. that didnt work.
then went with 1, to figure out how the hell to do this right. that didnt work lol.
tried 2 next time, went better, was actually smokeable. and saved me from buying for a short while.
now i have these 4 WW. and 6 more coming…ill tell ya…having space and keeping it simple, really goes along way in helping dial everything in.


Day #37
i am gonna buy some of those glasses that filter lights. lighting sucks for pics.

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Agentjay, I never grew before and was interested in starting to grow, I need suggestions for equipment, ,well everything, I wanna grow diesel. Do u have detailed journal , week by week to follow