White Widow feminized photos auto flowering


So I’ve got some White Widow feminized photos from ILGM that are now 30 days from sprout and they are FLOWERING! I also have a Bergmans Gold Leaf at 30 days from sprout however it has not begun to flower. Has anyone experienced this?


Probably gave you autos and got mixed up. What did the label on the seeds say on it?


On the seed packages it’s written: Ilg-www-fap5


Hold on, my Bergmans Gold Leaf says …fp5…

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Then that means you got autos.


Not sure about the gold leaf but 100% white widow is definitely autos

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So that’s feminized auto plant 5 seed and feminized photo… dang man. Thanks for your help bro.


I believe the letter “a” in the abbreviation means autoflower

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Make sure to hit them up with an email and they will send you the correct seeds you ordered


And don’t be to upset about the wwa, I have 2 going right now and they are beasting it up

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I’m trying not to be, but given how much topping, LST, defoliation, and mainlining/manifoldong ive dome, I’m worried as to what damage I’ve done.


Did you order fem seeds or accidentally order autos?


I ordered the 20 seed ww grow kit… I’m reviewing the product info now. So for nothing indicating either way so I have no idea. But clicking “read more” under the white widow description it takes you to the fem photos so idk

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FAP is definitely an auto plant. I had the same mix up and found out the same way you did. I had already transplanted twice when I found out. My 5-gallon pot produced 70 grams dry.

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