White Widow Feminized: HUGE LEAVES!

Just started this grow 6 weeks ago. I have never seen leaves this big. What problems am I going to have if I can’t get light underneath? Can I start trimming the bottom leaves? And if so, when can I start?


You dont have any problem. That is a sign the plant is happy and will grow big.
I would transplant into at least a 5 gal container.
Light needs to hit leaves for growth. Removing them at this point will hinder the plant.


Thank you for the quick reply. It is in a 5 gal pot and growing very well. It’s just that a few leaves are sagging and hitting the soil already. Never seen a plant like this one, and I just got done with three WW-autoflowers. I have mirrors underneath to help with light transmission. Never had to do that either. Thanks again.

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Mirrors are a bad idea. They will cause hot spots and burn the plant. Light hitting a nice big leaf will make food that is transported to wherever its needed.
Leaves make food from nutrients in soil. It moves to where the plant needs it for growth. Once a leaf if done growing it becomes a food factory and takes away nothing from the plant. Its a benefit, not a parasite. Light hitting flowers does nothing.


Leave them big ol solar panels! You can tuck them under the branches when they get there. Wait until they really start taking up real estate and you just can’t get them outta the way before removing.


Thank you Norman.

Thank you Border.

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If you can, maybe trying making a small divot/“hole” in the soil where the leaf(s) tips touch so that the leaf(s) don’t get moist. Should only be needed for a couple-ish days, since she’ll be stretching. Before too long when the branches grow, look to train/LST and leaf tucking to bring any branches out of the shade.

Nice-looking leaf and plant!

Thank you twelve, that’s what I was thinking about doing. LST.

I tried but i cannot do the LST because the leaves are so large and close together and it appears that they will break if I try this. There are MANY new leaves trying to come up underneath these huge leaves and I don’t know what to do now since once again, I have never seen a plant with such big leaves. For now, I have no option except to watch this beautiful plant continue to grow.