White Widow feminized, about 3 weeks out

Here are some shots of one of my White Widow fems as she’s putting on weight. No nutrient deficiency this time!


Nice! Looking good

Looks great, read a lot on this strain and this will be my next crop… Any recommendations?

:heart_eyes: sooooo pretty once the start frosting up

But… about 3 weeks out?? as in left??

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Yeah, I’m going to revise that estimate down some. I’m seeing amber trichomes on some of the buds. However, I want some knock you comatose couchlock so I’ll take it out pretty far. But yes: two to three weeks from harvest.

It’s a more lanky than bushy plant. Must be the sativa. Good, reasonably tight buds. Potency is good. Nice high. I pulled 4.51 oz from the last one and expect better from this one. I will grow it again, but next up is Gold Leaf and Sour Diesel.

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You still have a majority of white pistols id wait about 3 weeks with your first guess your buds are still swelling and aren’t at their fullest potential

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ohh well if you seeing amber then yeah time to watch closely… hard to say with the pics sometimes i thought it would of been longer though… but the tric’s know best

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Yeah, I’ll keep watching individual plants and jump depending on what they do.