White Widow Fem

White widow auto flower in light warrior soil is not growing. Leaves are turning brown and keep drying up.

Sun might be too intense for a lil seedling ?


Yup ur environment seems to not be very seedling friendly. Temps or light intensity are more then likely way too high. Get her a fan or some shade in the middle of the day


Light Warrior is a seed starter. It is a peat based product leaking nutritional value. If you want your plant to grow you need to repot it into soil ASAP.

I avoid the problem by filling bottom 2/3 of pot with a fox farms soil, then use light warrior on top third. Once seed starts growing it finds the soil to keep going until ready for transplant.


Still a seedling. No rush to transplant.

That “seedling” is probably a month old. It is not growing because it is lacking nutrition. Original poster can start feeding it OR he/she can repot it. Continuing to do the same thing waiting for it to get bigger is folly.

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Sorry bro. But that seedling is BURNING up my friend. It isnt lack of nutrients….

See how the discoloration starts at the tips? Hungry is the entire leaf yellowing then shriveling.

Actually ignore that. Lol kinda irrelevant to our discussion. Would matter if was nute heavy :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:

Sorry dude, but there is no nutritional value to Light Warrior seed starter. It is for starting seeds, and immediately repotting to soil once it uses up the nutrients in the cotyledon leaves. It is long past that point.

Have you ever used Light Warrior? Do you know what is in it?


Mykos… peat… etc etc. but Ive grown plants in inert media before. Hell ALL of this soil is dead.

Thats what cotyledons are for… and im pretty sure those girls needed more food then OP’s lady. But they hadnt had a meal to that point…

Anywho. Carry on man. Sorry about getting off track OP. I’ll be in my corner

Hey CMichGrower,

I have never used Light Warrior soil. But,I transplanted it into Light Warrior from A pot for,pot super soil, because it looked like it was starting to get nute burn. I guess it never recovered.

Hey PurpNGold72,

I figured it was nute burn from the super soil I initially used from a pot for pot. So I transplanted into light warrior soil. It’s confusing, because it looks like nute burn.

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What type of nutrients do you advise for this issue? I’m going to re-transplant right away.

So is that pic in light warrior or apotforpot?

I was under the impression apotforpot was seed to harvest ready? Shouldnt have burnt her that badly…

Was the damage done prior to transplant? Or after you did it? Assuming uve already done it

The soil in the pic is light warrior. It was previously in a pot for pot soil. That’s when the burn started. That’s why I’m confused. Should I put it back in a pot for a pot super soil? I’m pretty sure fox farms ocean forest would probably be to hot.

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Nope. Leave her be in the light warrior. She should pull on thru. Any new pics?

She looks a little better. I had already transplanted her back into a pot for pot soil, before I read your response advising me not to. Gulp. Do you recommend adding any nutrients?I haven’t used any.

Nope no rush to add em. Give her a couple days to readjust. Whenever u can get up pics itll help

That new growth looks FANTASTIC! The ugly leaves wont get better. But leave them be for a bit. Let her finish draining the energy from em

This is the most recent pic transplanted in a pot for a pot soil. She’s almost a month old.