White Widow fem taste

I start with stating that I have been smoking top grade sinsemilla since 1978. I grew White Widow fem using GH Flora Series full expert line. I also used KB Dry Ripen for 10 days at the end. I went 74 days in flower. I flushed 10+ days at the end that includes a Florakleen flush or three. Hung them in dark circulating air at 56% humidity for four days and cured them in mason jars for over a month burping several times a day for the first two weeks. They were cured with Boveda 56 and 62. Now cured, they have the least smell and taste of any cannabis I have enjoyed and the buds were so light and airy/fluffy. The buzz is passable but nothing spectacular. I now have 20 WW fem seeds that set me back almost $100 that I can’t see dedicating 5 months of my life for these results. The grow was flawless. Not one single set back or glitch. %70 coco %30 perlite. Smart Pots, drain to waste with %25 run off. Perfect nutrient mix pH(5.8)/ppm everytime. Oakton pH meter calibrated weekly. Feed everyday like clockwork. No burn. No pests. Temps and humidity were text book. I bought a $200 nice de-humidifier which kept the humidity dialed in and modulated the temps with A/C. I do not think Jorge could have done any better with what I had to work with. When the buds were forming they smelled soooo sweet. I was and am more than a little disappointed. I am into this “investment” at over $2,500+ and this is what I can expect??? So I am the only man on the planet not getting the mindblowing results I keep reading about online? Hard to believe.

That*s why I try to keep it simple and let Mother Nature do her thing…

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You can’t base your future of growing off one unsatisfying plant.
Grow them again dude. Every seed is different, even in the same strain. Different pheno types means different characteristics. Try it again, you already have the seeds! And if you really don’t like it after growing it again, buy different seeds. You can send me your old ones haha! Put more research into your next seed buy. I know every newbie is recommended to grow White Widow because it’s easy to grow. But challenge yourself here, looks like you did a great job the first time, even though you weren’t happy you still grew your plant very nicely. Do it again. It’ll get more experience under your belt too.


I will definitely grow them eventually but I received a response from another grower saying he had the same experience and the GH nutes were the common denominator.

Is this a thing ?

Do other people think the GH Flora kind of kills the taste and scent ?

I’m curious if many people feel this is an issue with General Hydroponics Flora series

I’ve been kind of cautious since they were brought by miracle gro and the proven fact about there ph up/down ph up has been diluted causing you to use more

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I’ve grown White Widow (greenhouse seeds) several times using GH Flora series and the Fox Farm line of nutes.

I’ve had a pheno that was week, it happens. I don’t think the GH nutes have anything to do with it. In fact I perfer the GH line.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I make a seed order, I’ll grow out a few plants and choose the best plant to keep.

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