White widow fem stretch

Taking a poll here to get some averages on the flowering stretch of a white widow fem. what has everyone seen?. I’m using my 7200k 600w MH through the first 2 weeks of flowering . Just trying to prepare , although I know all plants differ but looking to see if there’s an average I can expect

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Mine was scrog’d but this was the start of stretch

This was the end


@BobbyDigital what light and soil did you run if you don’t mind me asking?

This was in ocean forest. The light at the time was a viparspectra reflector 300. It was swapped for a qb135 mid flower


That’s more or less the setup I ran on my first grow. Ocean Forest, 175 watt LED panel, which I only used the blue side on in veg. That, among other common new grower mistakes, and some not so common bonehead ones, stunted mine, so I doubt I can be of much help. However, once it stretched it was about 100%, like @BobbyDigital’s.

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So your plant doubled it’s original height ?

With the scrog it’s hard to judge height because you are trying to keep the height down. But I’d say it was about 100% stretch.


What height above the pot did you place your screen?

It was eithe 8 or 10”. Can’t remember exactly

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