White widow Fem autoflowering strain

Hello people… I read somewhere that you shouldn’t train or top auto flowering strains??? Anyone have any input on this i planned on manifolding. these w w’s. Just starting 2. Want to try 1in coco and 1 dwc

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Topping can be done with success, however you have to do it early. Lst is suggested to increase yield. Mainlining is not a good technique for autos,better suited for regular strains @Gman753

Lst??? Could you explain please

LST = low stress training.
Here is a blog by Robert Bergman on the subject.


You can top or fim autos but should be done early as autos don’t have a long Veg time to recover.
I fimmed my 3 current autoflowers and all came out fine.

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@Jmesser80 on my w.w. auto 2 bottom fan leaves are as big as my hand…on my plant i thought there would be two directly across from each other my branches are staggered up the stalk which is short and wide …the plant…started to tie down for lst …plant doesn’t like to bend much…is this common with autos?

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Have your plants begun to flower @Gman753?
Typically when they start to flower the stalks will start to become sturdier to support the buds that are growing.
I’ve only grown a few autos so I’m not %100 on the difference between the grows.
Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 or @bob31 can throw some input in as well.

@Jmesser80 @Countryboyjvd1971 Actually @Gman753 cross posted his question and his question is being discussed on another topic…

1st time D W C with a white widow auto if you want to chime in over there. That is his grow journal. Thanks guys!

Boy do i feel umb-day first two set of leaves are even but first is so tiny. Small and thin… 2nd normal then staggered 4 staggered above top twist


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