White Widow (fem & auto) growing questions

A question from a fellow grower:

I started growing my white Wid Fem and White Wid Autos about 4 weeks ago.
Start off good then they started stretching and falling. I transplanted between 4-5 days ago. The leaves were growing slowly. The weather is completely random here.
I added a nutrient that is 5-0-1 and put them in a stryo cont. All the leaves are coming out quicker and I can count 3 blades on each leaf which is the 2, 3 or 4th set and are 5"-6" tall.
I need to know are my plants stunted.
And the plants. Have wet soil and are cold. Please tell me what to do. Or did I screw up again. I gave my neighbor some seeds and they are 8" or higher. I should add I was keeping the plants in natural light and natural dark. Then I switched them to 24 on under an LED panel that is when they started adding leaves faster.

Perhaps a lack of light hence the stretching. You say styrofoam containers? Are the filled with enough holes for proper drainage? Also have to watch those nutrients with hound seedlings as they will burn em if in excess.

Also try to complete this ticket with as much info as possible and some pros will come along and guide you in the right direction! Follow the link below and copy and paste it back here.


Still waiting on that Support ticket, I see. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking too much to soon, I had great results with both types, also an outdoor guerilla grow.
Still need more info