White Widow fem 7 days from flip

Hello growers! Where to start?

Why am I growing, besides enjoying being high.

Cost! Where I’m at isn’t legal and monthly cost of 700.00

Medical, my wife has multiple sclerosis, lots of nerve pain, I am Bipolar 2 rapid cycle with aggravated mania…loads of fun!

What am I growing and how.
White widow fem.
Soil fox farm Happy Frog.
Nutes ff top 3 plus calmag 2-0-0 once a week
Neem oil treatments
3gallon smart pots only 3/4 full
Topped once
Scrog 2x6
83 days from seed.
1 week since flip 12/12
600 watt bestva, 600 watt Vipar both at 16 inches
Temp 73 daytime 81 at night due to closing up doors
Humidity 70 with doors open ( daytime) night time 86( doors closed) thinking of adding a dehumidifier, or air conditioner.
Also considering o2 bag,
Tap water,
PHd around 6.0
General condition and concerns
Plant 3 seems to show signs of under watering 6-8 hours before other 3, drooping leaves.and has a lot of yellowing leaves under neath even though its been defoliated . the others don’t.
Each plant is taking gallon of water every two days.
I’m unsure of the nutes effect, 1/2 dose of ff BG bb tb, once a week
Not sure about using cal mag as I don’t use r/o water.
I have over 100 colas in scrog and running out of room, there really stretching, and showing signs of flowering, I don’t have a ppm meter to test pnk and need to get one.
This set up is hard to reach into prune. I’m concerned with humidity levels in flower. I could go on but have an appointment and have to run,
Hope to hear ur opinions and suggestion.
This to all and happy growing.



Hi @Randy1966. I’m a novice here, and I’m afraid that I really don’t have any useful advice to offer you. But this grow looks amazing to me, and I’ll be watching this thread to see how things progress. Perhaps @raustin, @Countryboyjvd1971, @anon95385719, @FNG101v2, @Laurap, or @Momtomask will have some words of wisdom for you. Good luck!

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Thx Wonka Man, veg has seemed easy but flower is making Me nervous.lol

The yellowing is due to leaves being unable to get light. Fan leaves in middle of plant & on bottom will yellow & die. Your ph is really low. For a soil grow i go for 6.3- 6.7. Also youve got to get a handle of humidity. With it so high once you pack on buds you could run into possibility of bud rot. I feed, feed, tea, feed, feed, water. Calmag puts in needed calcium ect. Temps i go for 77° day & 70° for their nighttime.
Your girls look very good & i wish you Happy Growing!
And yes veg is easy, flowering will make you pull you hair out. But everytime you open your tent, oh my what surprises!

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I’m also a newbie at growing weed and I’m also BPD and smoke for relaxing and calming down. Please help me with my plants any advice would be great.

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Hey Laurap, your right they just keep getting taller everyday is a surprise…for now anyway a good one lol. Our apartment is half underground and our humidity stays high even when I leave the doors open , so going to get a room sized one for bedroom, hope that does it, but I have to close it up tight during sleep hours and that’s when it hits 80s .
I’m trying to wait to defoliate until solid two wks in transition of should I wait for deeper flower production, I think I’m in pre flower now, what criteria do you use to determine that,
Anyway thanks for stopping in and sharing with me hope to see ya round …peace :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey Happyweed, looks like you got some babies there :slight_smile:I’d really have to have your set up information like I posted in mine above,
Cpl things I feel confident in, easy on the water as seedlings, I gave mine around 4 ounces a day, but its better to go by weight, mine where in 16 ounce cups in seeding soil and perlite, NO NUTES AT ALL! Make sure you have good drainage and don’t water till cup feels light, any way I’m not sure what light ur using so I’d need more info to go on , feel free to ask questions here …and read I understand BPD isn’t always conducive to readind or doing anything when ur down but if u can push through and read you’ll find with veg once u get the light, soil,temp,water, balanced out you’ll be able to relax and enjoy more…also your pH is very important are phing ur water?

When you flip you’ve got a two week transition where the buds start to build. Most of your height will be done by then. Theyll shoot up fast now then pack on weight in buds. Get a dehumidifer for the whole room. They say 40-50% during flower but honestly where i live is very humid & i can only get my humidity down to the 50% range but i havent had bud rot yet. Knock on wood!

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I tuck under as many fan leaves as possible. I only remove them if yellowing or in the way of a bud getting loght. They will feed off their fan leaves esp when you start flushing last two weeks.

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Thanks buddy I am using this 315-400nm: UV: Absorb less chlorophyll, prevent stem growth.
400-520nm: Blue: Absorb much chlorophyll and carotenoid, helpful for photosynthesis.
520-610nm: Green: Absorb little chlorophyll.
610-720nm: Red: Increase photosynthesis for plants, help growth.
720-1000nm: IR: effect flowering and seed.

A FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT. Unlike most other grow lights that come with 1 or 2 different wavelenght ranges, our grow light comes with 15 Red, 7 Blue, 4 White, 1 IR and 1 UV LED elements
INCREASE YOUR YIELDS AND SPEED UP PLANTS’ GROWTH CYCLE. Designed for hydroponics vegetables, herbs, flowers and nearly every other plant due to its full spectrum specification.

Any good do you think?

That sounds like it was made for what ur doing, there’s so many lights and I’m no expert on lights by ant means , I’m not even sure about all those ranges you listed, there’s s specific section on here somewhere just on lighting , you’ll probably find a better answer there as I’m a newbie myself.I just went by reviews of other grow with the light I was looking at buying inbmy price ranga.

This description doesn’t really provide much information. It tells us what kind of light it provides, but it doesn’t say anything about how much light it provides, which is crucial for both vegetative growth and for bud development. I am new at this, and by no means an expert, but you can learn a lot by reading these forums and Robert’s Grow Bible. Check out the posts here: https://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/c/indoor/lights-ventilation-and-misc. (I purchased a “600 watt” grow light on Amazon, and have since realized that it isn’t nearly as strong as it seems according to the descriptions and reviews on Amazon [though it looks plenty bright to my eyes]. I’ve now ordered a more expensive quantum board because I think that the investment will pay off in terms of quantity and quality of buds I grow. We’ll see. I recognize that this isn’t an option for everyone.) Good luck!