White Widow (fem) 40 days in flower

Nervous first grower asking if plants are on schedule for indoor soil growing

40 days into flowering after seeing first white pistols, or 52 days in using the light change 12 on, 12 off.

I think they are getting close to flush, (puts head on hands and sighs) just not too sure when.

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You’ll want to wait until all of those pistils change to orange/amber. And if you are able to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or other magnifier, then you should be able to see those change from clear to milky to amber, as well. You want them to be mostly milky with some turning to amber, before harvesting (unless you’re really looking for a couch-lock high, in which case you can let them mostly turn to amber). If you harvest while they are all clear, you will be missing out on some good THC production, and the buds also pack on weight, at the very end, as well. From this one picture it looks like you’ve got a couple-few weeks to go.


I forgot to say, though, congratulations on your grow!! Making it this far is great!


White Widow averages 65 days in flower so; another 6 weeks and you should be close. You have a LONG way to go and you will be amazed at the size of the buds then versus now. White pistils means the plant is stacking on the flowers so you want her to do that as long as possible.

I know it’s a long time but it will be worth it. In the meantime; you should look for a pocket loupe and get comfortable with looking at the trichomes as that will be your final determinant.


Nervous first time grower again :blush:
Its been 48 days since lights went 12 on, 12 off. This picture is showing the smaller bud pistols changing colour. The larger bud pistols are just starting to change colour starting at the bottom.

My question, how long after the pistols start changing color will it take (approximately) to be ready to harvest, as I do not want to pull them too late.

I have 4 plants total, this plant was the first seedling to pop up, the rest followed 2 - 4 days after.

Any replies gratefully appreciated!

What’s white widows reference time in days on total grow time? I’m on day 85 and the temperature is dropping and I’m sure I’m close but not certain. A total of days from seed to finish would be great to know.

Typically the time published is for flowering time: usually about 65 days after first pistils. Pictures would help too.

I’m 85 days after breaking ground.

Let’s see an overall shot of the plant in white light, one individual cola. It helps to see the overall plant.

I tried to capture it under a white light but my phone really doesn’t adjust well.

I’m using the kind soil method and the cheapest equipment on amz as this is my 1st indoor winter grow.

Sorry, I can’t see anything under the lights. Tag me when you get pics in white light.

Much better. For whatever reason your plant looks close to being done. You might do a flush and water only for a week and see how she responds. If all is well you could start your harvest.

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She’s been on a water diet since day one being the kind soil method or hot soil. Pretty sure it’s depleted now.