White Widow defoliation?

Hello all, these are my 4 White Widows fems, there 17 days in flower and seem to loving life, I try to keep it simple good soil, pH water, easy on the nutes and plenty of light,
This is my first grow and I’ve been lazy during this stretch and by lazy I’ve just been letting them grow, I topped and lst during veg and scrog.
Now I’m considering defoliation below the scrog,.
These seem busy on top and don’t think I’m going to defoliate above , I didn’t put them in big enough pots so there only going to get so big, I do have one which has reached up to 34 inches now.
Buds are forming and I need to read up on it and with being lazy!!
Anyway thx for looking at my gardeN and happy growing all!!

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Everything looks pretty good from what I see. I didn’t really see a ? in there but I remove some of the big fan leaves throughout whole grow. Last grow, I did a form of shwazzing (removing leaves at certain time) and ended up with a monster haul


Hi@HornHead,interested to know how you went about the shwazzing and the timing , it sounds like you had some success.

I’ll have to look up shwazzing . Thx for stopping in :slight_smile: