White widow crossed with AK47 autoflowering seed

I just received my seeds I ordered today in the mail and it’s supposed to take 60 days from seed to bud I’m wanting to know is it to late to start it this year or not I’m growing outside

I planted one last year about mid July and it was fine

@HornHead what kind of potting soil should I use I want to grow this one inside buy not sure how tall it gets I already have 3 Gorilla Glue clones I got 4 days ago which I’m gonna take a picture of them and see what what everyone thinks of them there still in a cup not ready to go in the ground I don’t think

A lot of people use Pro mix stay away from anything Miracle-Gro myself I grow in Coco coir

Ok thank you man what do you think of my 3 Gorilla Glue plants do they look Healthy or whatever I’m completely clueless my first time ever growing sorry to ask you so many questions @HornHead

Notser I have not grown clones before let’s ask a couple people @raustin @garrigan62 @MattyBear

I think these guys need to be transplanted into bigger pots.


You need to transplant them into a more cannabis friendly medium and don’t overwater!

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Jinx @raustin lol

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Lol, GMTA and at the same time!


Thank you I’ll do that today would they be ok to go ahead and put them in ground or is it better to put them in pots or bucket I live right on the Ohio River and also could I fertilize them yet or should I wait till there lil bigger @MattyBear

Do you know how old the plant was that the clones were taken from? I’d transplant them into pots and give them a little dose of veg nutes. Don’t water to runoff yet, rather water in a circle a few inches from the edge of the pot.

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Yes, what @MattyBear said.

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