White Widow Continous Flowering

Hi, I’m new to this forum and it has been several decades since I last grew. I bought some seeds overseas and one of the types was White Widow “Regular.” They are outside in 5 gallon buckets. I sprouted a W.W. on Jan. 11th and by Feb. 11th it was showing female flowers. I was used to the plant briefly showing these early flowers and then staying in the vegi state and growing. This puppy is doing both. It has continued to flower and grow. The plant and the buds have no real aroma yet, but it is totally obvious that it is flowering. I’ve been told it might be an auto-flower.

If it is an auto-flower; how do I tell when it is ready for harvest? What happens if I let it grow and harvest it naturally, with the seasons?


Once an auto begins to flower, usually about sixty days, give or take a few it should be done. I would not let it grow with the seasons as you say. Not positive, but I believe that once an auto has flowered, then that’s it, it’s run it’s course, by which I mean, no revegg, no monster cropping, but @Countryboyjvd1971 knows more than I

I grow tons of autos they have there own life cycle and grow with lights 24/7 - 16/8 - and what I prefer 12/12 they do well in the flower room with the big girls some pictures would be awesome we love to share here is my last white widow auto

around 70 days start to cut


Mine looks like yours. A couple low branches spread out from the main stem and the rest above stay in tight. When mine first popped I was getting 9 and 11 point sun leaves. Now, the leaves are down to 5 point and even some 3 point leaves.

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Are you using the Meizhi led’s? @Hogmaster


Yes I am 3-300s 2-450s and a 600 w meiz


I’m thinking of picking up one here before my next grow … maybe 300… @Hogmaster

I have the first 300s they came out with they are pulling 196 Watts the newer are more 130s 140s I think I would have to look @Zombo


So that monster stretched that much when it started to flower???

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Yes. It will continue to grow in the flowering stage.


Mine just started the stretch law week. It’s grown by a third. I best get to the hardware store for light chains. Great problem!

I’m growing 6 different auto strains, including a White Widow/Big Bud cross.

In ten day’s time, they have all exploded. Here’s the wwxbb.

The bottom pic was just after I had done some training, so she looks a bit twisted.

The wooden supports are 18" tall. You can see how far she’s grown up & out.


lol, i like it when they grow beyond expectations @blackthumbbetty, great job!

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Oh my goodness, these girls a growing way beyond my expectations!

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Do “auto flowers” have the wonderful aroma while they grow… when they are ready to harvest? Mine does not have any smell at all. Never seen anything like this before. I’m close to 70 days, but if I harvest now it will not be any good. What to do. . .

@zapcomix Got any pictures mine normally take 70days start to finish but it’s different in different areas some do smell some don’t that I’ve grown It definitely does after it cures