White widow colors question

I have 30 white widow autoflowers, purchased here at ILGM. Can anyone tell me why there is so much variation in the plants? I realize seeds will produce some variation, but i have some plants that have lime green leaves with purple buds, others are dark green, and others lighter green with sparser buds. Looking at the genetics of the strain, I don’t see any blues or purples, so where did that coloring come from? Is it possible ILGM made a mistake on my order?


Colors happen often in cannabis, unfortunately not all carry the genetic trait to express it. Even within the same strain.
I had a Gelato from ILGM that carried the purple phenotype. Smelled wonderful.

Also sometimes cooler temperatures at night can cause a color change. Inside grows lack this part in the environment.


They’re beauties, I love purple in plants. I have 2 clones taken from the same plant, they are different in appearance, growth and colour…

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