White widow coco grow under LED

yeah the SF range is amazing man, you’ll love the 4000. The footprint is amazing, I’ve got the 1000,2000 and 4000. The 1000 and 4000 are my favourite !

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As you can see from the bits I pulled off, some of the newer growth is a bit funky - I’m thinking they are just lacking light, and I caught those bits I pulled off a little bit late before they committed suicide for the greater good.

As you can see on one of the close ups another new shoot looks similar but hasn’t died off yet.

The close up is on the tent with 4 girls, which went into flower a little sooner and starting to look nice ! there’s a tiny little hole in the canopy but I pulled off some fan leaves and it revealed that little cola down the bottom so lets hope she grows up fast and evens it all out :smiley:

Watered at pH 5.5 and eC 1.8
First water with bloom nutrients for anyone wondering


Looking very full in there sis…awe canopy… Keep at it…:sunglasses::v:

I was going to put a net over them… then i realised having two tents side by side i wouldnt be able to water the back ones properly because i had lost side access.

I’ve always been a half full glass type of guy, and id say my tents are full and a half too :rofl: