White widow clone problem

A question from a fellow grower:

We’re having a rough go of some White Widow clone starts. We can’t seem to get them to take root before they die. The same method works for all other clone cuttings save for this strain:
rock wool cubes, wet daily, under a dome and veg light schedule, light spray under the dome. Nothing but pH adjusted water is used.
Please help? We have many people who would LOVE to have some of this in this area as there is NO White Widow to be had here.

I have been cloning WW for 5 generations now.
This is how I do it.
I take one gal water and add …
1.) 1 tsp liquid Thrive
2.) 1 tsp Root Stimulator
3.) 1 tsp Hydrogen peroxide
And PH this 5.5. 6.0
I find good starters about 3 to 5 inches tall and put them in the solution for 1/2 hour at the same time iem soaking the Rockwood in the solution. Now I use a power for roots.

This works for me every time and I always take more than what I need. Cause some will die from what ever.

I hope this helps. Everyone has there own way that works for them.
If you do try it. Please let me know how it worked. I get roots in 10 12 days.

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Idk if it’s to late to add my comment.ive been growing white widow for 20 years.the easiest way I found is.start with a healthy mother .take bottom branch cuttings not the top.the hormones are different.place your cuttings in a cup of water immediately! to stop an embolism.then in Olivia’s rooting gel for 30 seconds,place them in a cloning machine. Cut a quarter of the leaves,to slow transpiration.straight water.Very warm like 80s and high humidity.spray a few times a day with water.5 to 10 days roots are going strong,day 15 in solo cups. 100% success rate.