White Widow Clone in Promix HP


Hello Everyone

Just about to finish my 3rd grow. Already looks more promising then my last two thanks to everyone on this great forum. Last two grows netted me about 10 to 12 grams per plant. This grow will far outweigh the first two. I have successfully cloned a White Widow and thought since it was my first clone I would do a grow journal. This will also be my first time growing in ProMix HP.

Strain; White Widow Clone

Soil in pots, ProMix HP

System type? Veg. In Brute Garbage Pail with 5 x 15 true watt 5000K LED’s Flower: in 2 x 4 tent with 2 LED UFO lights 110 true watts + 5 x 23 true watts 2700k CFL fixture + 7 x 15 true watt 3000k LED fixture = approx. 330 true watts

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? going in 6.3 runoff 6.0

What is strength of nutrient mix? going in 566 ppm runoff 1130 ppm


Light system, size? mix of LED panels and bulbs and CFL Bulbs.

Temps; Day, Night 25 and 21

Humidity; Day, Night 65 50

Ventilation system; Yes

Cloned this girl on December 29, 2017.
Everything was sterilized with isopropyl alcohol 70%
Took cutting from mother plant that was 6 weeks into veg.
Trimmed cutting at 45 degree angle and put a small slice up the middle of the stem.
Dipped in Clonex and planted into jiffy pellet pinched it closed.
Used scissors to cut two thirds of the fan leaf blades off
Put her into my desk greenhouse that has 4 small 3 watt LED lights on top and is on a warming mat.
Kept her moist twice daily with a distilled water spray bottle.
Greenhouse has an avg temp of 22 C day and as low as 18 C at night.
RH is avg 80%
Week one I did not see any progress. Few days into week two I did see some new growth. By today Jan 13th I noticed some roots poking out of the jiffy pellet.
Placed my Promix HP mixed in with vermiculite and perlite into pot.
Cut netting off the jiffy pellet (ripped one root off doing this hope that’s okay) and placed it in the Promix HP soil.
Normally I would not give her any nutes at this time but because I was told that the Promix HP has no nutrients in it I should feed right of way. Plus she is not a seedling (is she?) so I fed her with the following
1 ml of GH FloraNova Grow in 2 L of water.
1 ml of GH Rapid Root in 2 L of water.
I fed her till there was runoff approx. 1 L. Going in ppm 293 pH 6.8 Runoff ppm 1180 pH 6.0
Thought the runoff ppm of 1180 was kind of high?
She’s now sitting under 1 CFL 23 watt 2700k bulb. Will move her into her veg home in a few days. That’s a 5 gallon bucket with 5 x 23 watt 5000k CFL’s. Will be put on a 18/6 light cycle then as well.

Let me know what you guys think. Should I be doing anything different? Like I said this is my first time using the Promix HP. I will be following GH Flora Nova simple feed schedule. I use a feed feed water system. Is that okay?


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Could pretty much be a cloning tutorial, very well typed my friend!

Had we talked about using some Dolomite lime in your other thread?


If we talked about dolomite lime I don’t remember @dbrn32
Should I be adding some?


I use it, seems a lot of others do too. If you lightly mix like one tablespoon per gallon of pot size in it helps buffer your ph and is a little source of calcium as well.


@dbrn32 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @Myfriendis410
Just an update on the grow. I think she has gotten a bit taller. I have not watered her since the transplant on Jan. 13. Soil still feels moist. She’s currently under a 19 true watt cfl. Should I be moving her under something stronger yet?



I rarely have any plant under less than 80w of light and can say as long as you can keep temps decent more light is rarely a bad thing


It’s probably big enough for more light, but it doesn’t actually appear that she’s screaming for it. I would say whatever is more convenient is probably fine.


Promix is some good stuff. I tried it on one plant and haven’t looked back since haha


It’s been 7 days since the transplant and the first time I have watered her. The soil was moist all that time. Today she got almost 500 ml of water with 1/4 strength nutes. I need to move her under a more powerful light. Just waiting for more room in my tent. Then I will transplant her into a 5 gallon fabric pot. Hmm maybe I need a new tent. :wink: