White widow buds big but not thick

Just harvested WWA. Buds were beautiful but when trimming they arent a solid nugget. They are not thick and solid. Is this the way they grow? If not, WTH am I doing wrong?
Rough trim for drying pic.

Second WWA and second time looking that way. Thought for sure they would be full. Still drying ran a smaller branch in trimming bowl and noticed buds not like other grows I’ve done.

Really going to need more details. Indoors? What light, growing medium, nutrients, etc.

Look for the support ticket details and copy / paste with answers here and the gang will help find the culprit.

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Too late to really give you an informed reply. Perhaps it is the strain. Sativ can be long and fairly thin in gerth.


Thanks will do. I was rushing around I will look for the list.

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Welcome to the community ! If we’re talking inside grow. fluffy buds will relate to quality of lights. Also as mentioned indica or sativa.


Autoflowers for me generally don’t make solid buds the way Photo period plants do.
Additionally, every once in a while I get a plant that grows like the one in your photo. Right next to it was a plant that made solid buds. SO sometimes its just genetics. Is this a one time occurrence or are all your grows this way? I saw in another one of your threads you have a 2x2 tent with a ts1000. I use that light and it produces just fine. So i am guessing genetics.


Your correct Spiney
Support info
Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

White Widow Auto - ILGM

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

Soil - roots organic 707 blend in 5 gallon airpot

Water ph down to 6.5

System type?


PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?


What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor - Mars Hydro 2.3 Tent

Single plant grow.

Light system, size?

1 TS1000W LED Grow Light Dimmable Full Specturm 18/6

Temps; Day, Night

75 F day night ~68

Humidity; Day, Night

This may be an issue. Between 55 to 75 depends if it’s laundry day

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

Yes. Circulating fan and 4"inline duct fan with speed controller, 4"carbon filter

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

No. May buy dehumidifier very soon

Co2; Yes, No


  • Nutrients

Finding what works for me. This grow used Cutting Edge Solution 3-Part Base Family Micro 6-0-0, Grow 2-1-6, and Bloom 0-6-5 half strength worked up to full.

Small bottles. I am flexible if need to change or add. What I have posted before noticed some yellowing leaves starting during early bloom and started Cal-mag and ph down. Tap ph’d to 8.4 kept to 6.5 full grow

Second time this has happened. Smoke is good I know it could be better

Your light isn’t very big, if you wanted to make upgrade that is probably good place to start.

Also worth noting roots 707 is suppose to have low nutrient charge. So you would probably want to monitor feedings closer than just starting at reduced strength.


Dbrn - I used this soil for the auto flower because of the lack of nutrient in it. I’ve done outdoor photo grows prior never an auto and wasn’t sure if I could control the timing between veg and flower that short of period.
I thought maybe the light too. If consensus is the light what would be a good recommendation for a 2.3×2.3 x 5 tent?


HLG 135 RSPEC will be highly recommended by many. I have a SF1000 as well and will likely upgrade to the HLG as I approach flower again as well.

That said, the SF1000 (newer model with dimmer etc) did great for me for a single plant in 2x2. I’m going to be flowering 2 plants in the same space this run and will likely upgrade to ensure they both get enough light.

Next size up is the HLG 260 V2 RSPEC, but I “think” that is too wide and likely overkill for the space. @dbrn32 ?


Imo the 135 kit is just big enough for a 2x2. Any larger than that and bigger light would be better. Problem is there isn’t much out there without going bigger than need be. A 260 kit would fit, but the old 260 xw kit would be more ideal.

I would say building with 560mm strips probably most ideal. Or chilled tech x3 mini would fit, but is more expensive than the 260 kit.


Dbrn32 - Are the 560 mm strips from HLG or another suggestion so I can look into them. I’m not to familiar with led lighting. I can see the 135, 260 and chilled tech online. From what you mentioned the 260 would be more than enough to get results that desired and 135 would be just enough.
This is very helpful and I appreciate this information.

@dbrn32 the chilled tech is less than the hlg260 260 atm. I found Growcraft X3 Mini – 200W LED Grow Light https://chilledgrowlights.com/our-products-services/diy-led-grow-light-kits/2ft-x-2ft-coverage/growcraft-x3-mini-200w-led-grow-light-diy-led-grow-light-kit?bundle_quantity_543=3&bundle_variation_id_543=53918&bundle_attribute_choose-led-spectrum-type_543=Flowering+Optimized%2FFull+Cycle+Spectrum&bundle_quantity_625=1
Is this this what you recommended? I could order today. It’s only a matter of about 20$ between this one and HLG260XL

The 260xl kit won’t fit into 27"x27" tent. The standard 260 will though. The chilled tech x3 mini is less powerful than 260 kit, but is physically larger light that will offer more even coverage and is still plenty big enough for your space.


@dbrn32 thanks four help. I’ll try one of them next run

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