White widow, bottom damage

A question from a fellow grower:

Hello! I would like to ask you about my plant with a few pictures of it, so you can tell me the estimated amount of buds it will grow and see if i’m doing something wrong.
So in the third picture, I’m showing you the bottom of the plant, which was burnt by a lamp that fell on the plant, but i hope it’s not big damage, as it still grows okay the last few days after the burn.
This lamp is 48W LED, but I recently read your articles about growing lamps and got a little dissappointed, so I would like to know if it’s necessary to buy another lamp.
It’s a White Widow seed and I planted it (after I let it a few days in a wet paper towel) on 4 December. I often open the fan to give some air.
How long will it take for the plant to fully grow? Do I need something else at this point?
Thank you for your time!

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It looks to be recovering and you’ve already figured out the problem is too little light which is why she’s stretching so much I would re pot and slather stem with rooting gel before burying her deeper. Mind you all is for naught without proper light levels and if you are using 48 true watt led you are going to be growing be flowering a super small lady at 50w sqft minimum for flower.
If you are looking to budget grow a single small plant you may want to add a few CFL’s Daylight for veg Warm for flower and don’t worry pretty sure most of us have dropped things on our plants over the years :wink:

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First of all, Hello fellow grower… :innocent: From what I see in your pictures tell me a lot… Your lamp is definitely too far from the canopy (top) of your precious plant that’s why it have stretch that much… And yes, you’ll need to buy more lamps or up grade on suspend LED light systeme like :


It worth the investement…

And don’t expect much yielding with that one, sorry :frowning:, and a soil PH meter, at least, is indispensable, here’s one that’s doing moisture reading too :


Hope that you’ll find this helpful :innocent:

If she isn’t an auto and you are willing to give it better lights she can give you a very good return and a excellent learning plant to make your mistakes with


Generally we don’t recommend those meters for pH reading


For soil moisture and a general idea of what’s going on in his soil PH it work fine , I understand and fully support your opinion, nothing can replace a real ph meter :wink::innocent::v:

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My biggest problem with them is they are notoriously inaccurate and that can cause all kinds of damage and people swear up and down that their pH’ing their water properly but the meter is way way off, so they keep having problems …it’s just not a great way to go, I think the cheapest pen-type meter does better job, just my opinion


And it’s no good for ph’d the water, nothing replace a PH pen meter that’s adequatly fine tune and calibrate, this is essentialy for soil moisture, real soil, doesn’t work on coco or other medium like that, and it’s for a general idea for PH soil it as an accuracy of +/- 1 in good condition… It’s just giving you an approximation of the soil PH.:v:

The fact is that you can order ILGM seeds, plant them and grow some auto’s to harvest faster than that particular plant will give you a harvest. plus your light is great for seedlings…

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