White Widow autos not growing after germination

From a fellow grower, can they get feedback on their lighting too: White widow auto flower, 5 and germinated in water till Tapp roots came out. Put them in 5 gallon buckets because I read they don’t like transplanting with seed starter soil a couple inches on the top of miracle grow potting soil under. Planted them about a quarter inch and lightly covered. Misted a couple times a day when I’d see the soil kinda dry, with a Durolux DLED824W LED Grow Light - 2 Feet x 1 Foot 80W ( 0.5W LEDs, 160 pcs) with White 5500K FullSun Spectrum and 10000 Lux Great for Seeding and Veg Growing, Over 50% Energy Saving 18/6 …

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Get rid of the miracle gro! It’s not good for what you’re growing. Get some good soil, formulated for weed. Fox farms is my choice. Can get it locally for half the price of Amazon.
Also gonna need to think about quality light.
I would also dome. Mist inside of dome, place over seedling site, then I mist the outside to create a moisture ring around the plant. This is my ring that I use to water once the dome is removed.


How long ago? Also wondering what temps in grow space are like and if the tap roots could have been contaminated between germination and planting?