White widow auto's how long to harvest

I got these auto’s an they are a little over 60 days old how long is the normal grow on this type of auto’s

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what I also want to ask how much should they thicken up surely they will fatten up an be great looking I like to see a picture of one that was ready to harvest from someone who has grown these from ilgm I had some problems at beginning of flower but got them out of it surely they are not at there peak I thought that a auto would be done 60 days or so these are this old but I did get them 20 inches tall it says 16 to 24 inches so I guess I did ok whit them what do u think about these I would be thankful for input

My WW auto took 110 days, from seed to harvest. I harvest by judging the maturity of the Trichomes.

Ok so these are going to buff up an might get a fair yeild I love these I have lots of them but these too are the ones that are Budding faster but I have some in soul that has not been stressed an are bigger then these can I ask how tall an what is an average yeild for the plant, also how long does the femail white widow take frim seed to harvest I read alot on hear but never post much unless I want to find out something I love ilgm seeds they are the best I have grown but I have learned so much the past 60 days that my new seedlings will be great now I no how long they are going to be I no the time Frame I got to get a ppm meter an what should these auto’s ppm start out with thanks man I respect your opinion highly

I have two 400watt hps -mh lights what blubs should I use the hole grow for best results, an my tent is 5ft by 5ft how many could I pack in it an have good results with a sea of green and or without the sog is 8 plants per light to much,I have a veg room well its my whole out building but I have lots of room I just don’t have no help with how many lights I can run an be safe I have 110 volt an also 220 power my slelectric bill went up 55 dollars with the two lights but if u can share your thoughts with me I want to grow year round an get the max out of it

Which auto strains are the best to get a fast harvest from that has great smoke

5’x5’ x 78" I imagine, right?

I would not cram too many plants. You need air space for good circulation to keep environmental issues at a minimum. From seed; I would grow 6 plants in that space. You might be able to do 9 since you are choosing Auto flower genetics.

Use both lamps.

I could go on and on, but basically you have to make a plan considering the great space you have, and oncew you have a plan and a schedule; You will be set.

I believe any Auto you choose from our collection would serve you well. Last but not least…The plants finish when they finish. It will be worth the wait. Happy growing. :slight_smile:

Thanks u have cleared up alot of what I want ed to no I no they can’t be pushed to finish early I just wanTed to ask how long ww take cause it says 56 days flower time an say 30 days veg was what I didn’t account for thanks I love this place I want to cross ww auto’s with raspberry cough from nirvana think it will be ok to try without waste my time an tent

You should not cross auto with a reg. Seed. Super skunk Auto is a fast grow

Ok I’m not now bit I’m going to cross white widow regular an strawberry cough an see what happens

So skunk auto fr ilgm I have widow auto’s but like to grow one more run before spring or one more until I get my whole building ready an upgrade my lights I just want to grow enough auto’s to last me about five months why I grow some regularS an let them get big I got a 9ft by 16ft building for me to fill that space with tall sative plants like jack Herer ,haze #1, strawberry cough an few white widow how many 1000 watt hps-mh lights will I need an how many plants would feel that space it will have heat air conditioning an it’s insulationed like a house what would be a great setup for me to use how many lights would u use an how many plants would u grow in that space

U got a picture of the skunk auto I like to see some that been home grown have u ever used RobertS booster wondering if a stand alone fert o like to get something good that is simple to use that is better,I started to use maxi grow on my hydroponics an organies in my soul but it smells like fish but works what would be best for my plants heres one in organies

About 50 days old it’s bigger now an I got the branches tied down to get more light will that hurt a auto

No. It didn’t on mine.

I’m on 105 days on this one


That’s the best picture of WW Auto i’ve seen, yours looks like you’ll have a much better harvest than my 5 WW’s. Don’t feel comfy with giving you advise but what people have told me is to watch the pistols until they turn amber or brown then it’s all about the little mushrooms and when they get milky I THINK i feel like i should take your picture to my tent to show mine what they could be. Fantastic grow


Thank you but I’m finishing up on some Amnesia Haze Autos then I’m out of the auto business and back to photos. I can grow the crap out of these autos and they look amazing and smell amazing smoke is smooth and tasty but…the potency is just not there. Don’t get me wronge it gets you there but not the kick of a good Photoperiod strain!

The time frame that the seed companies post is merely a guesstimate, and it is more about you looking at maturity and trichromes to determine when they will finish.

It’s just perfect for me and I do agree on everything you mentioned, but like i said it’s perfect for me so send me your madic wand.please.