White widow autos hanging

Some people saying chopped to early others saying not, kept looking at trichomes with jewelers loupe was very hard to see amber pistils seemed to be pretty much amber and did not want to run into bud rot what do you all thinkimage image


when_to_harvest_cannabis how did your trichromes looked?

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Was day 88 when i chopped could not see amber so guessing milky because hard to tell clear from milky

It depends what kind of high u want. Most people here go for half cloudy half amber. So your buds will give u head high if u said u didn’t see any amber.

Yea its more of a sativa so thats maybe why amber wasnt showing yet

Good looking little girl. You will enjoy smoking what you grew but you cut it down too early. Couple more plants like that and you’ll have maybe an ounce so I’d wait to chop the rest of them down. Good job and congrats :+1:

How can you tell i cut it down too early?

Thinking of Buying White Widow Auto… Yours Looks Good… Would you recommend the Buzz from yours as Energetic and Helping with Stress and ADD Pls…

You should harvest by condition of trichomes not pistils. The trichomes are what get you high. When looking at pics of your dried nugs you can still see white pistils in them. That’s weight you gave up by harvesting early, and if trichomes aren’t developed enough yet the buzz will be a little weak and racy.


Sorry to get in on your Discussion, but The explanation for Strains tells about the “Female” Seed Effects, and doesn’t talk about the “Autoflower’s” Effects … Just Wondering if the autoflower packs a Good Energetic High as Well as the Fem Please… Your Grow looks Awesome btw