White widow autos from ilgm

Hello all. Been lurking first post. I bought my seeds from Ilgm and wow! Doing well. This is my first grow but really loving it. Wife has started lst on our girls.


Those look like good girls there. LST’s look good. I am a believer in the LST usage. Even use it when they are in flower. Got 3 plants going in one of my tents. Bag seed. And in about 3rd week of flower. Used LST from veg to flower and still having to do some LST to the plants. They grow so fast, since I dont know what kind of mj they are no telling how tall they could get. So much as I can, I LST and have done some super cropping when I accidently bent some of the branches. But they did okay and are growning great. Good luck on your grow and welcome to the forum


Thanks. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. Any and all tips appreciated.


Welcome. I consider myself a newbie but I’m learning things here every day! There’s some awesome folks here to learn from and good information on about any questions or problems you may have. Looks like you’re off to a great start :+1:

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Welcome to forum. Were all here to share experiences and learn. Remember only stupid question is one that’s not asked. Pretty girls, Happy Growing!!

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Welcome to the forum! @Buzzlightbeer just remember to PH your water and nutrients and you’ll be doing great!

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Happy thanksgiving everyone. Our LADIES LOVING LIFE SO far! Going to take advantage of the 10 for 10 blueberry Autoflower for our next grow!