White Widow Autogrow this is a monster


I can’t see my side lights, the side lights made this thing pop plus I use Fox Farm soil and Tiger Bloom with rain water


Dammmmmmmyyyymmmm ! Running out of room haha! I only hope to see plants like that one day?

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You leaves are curling down and around themselves because they are getting burned. If you leave you light that close your just going to torch your tops aka your best buds.

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You definitely have a tent full I agree with sickkid you need to get more distance on the light. Good luck

The light is only 300 watts and top buds are pulled away from light it is just hard to tell in the photo the plant takes 20 cups of water every day and it wasn’t watered yet after water they stand up

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I’ve been seeing a few posts where guys say that they are using rain water. I use RO water. What’s the advantage of rain water…?

It’s full of nutrition and it’s what they get when outside growing indoors we try to duplicate outside growing

Well, I might try it since I now live in a state that gets a lot of rainfall. Wouldn’t even consider using it if I still lived in California. Barely good enough quality to water the lawn. But, since I moved to North Carolina, the rainfall here is almost ready to drink if you let it collect in a cup outside. As a matter of fact, I have a nice lil creek out behind my house that fills with rain water. Might try that, after it’s filtered a bit.

There is no way those leaves stand up and straighten out. I’m sure it’s getting pretty hot at the canopy level and you will find out soon enough. Good luck and hope it works for ya :metal::v:

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So now you’re calling me a liar?

She is mad close to that light… ud need a minimum of 12 inches. More like 16-20… got lighr specs?

No I’m not calling you a liar. I’m not trying to play games. It’s your grow man, do you!

It is a cheap light this tent was for starting seeds but the main tent I grow in the plant went 4weeks to long so I just added cheap side lights and it exploded in growth and the top buds are already pulled back and they turned up so now I need to tie back more It is flowering now so it won’t grow much more taller . The tent is only 4 feet tall and light is as high as it will go…at this point it is what it is

Very true. But when ur colas start forming. Watch for light bleaching

Updated picture it seems to be ok

She’s a churning along

This is white widow my friend grew outside


Updated pictures getting close to harvest. This plant will be come Bubblebagdude hash.

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This is my new grow