White widow Autoflower


about a month in my grow started 5 at a time every week.


Looking great !


That is a happy grow! @Buzzlightbeer


Looks good. Im also growing wwa. Can u give us some stats? Lights? Medium? Size pots? Only wondering bc they are tall girls.


1000 watt eye hortilux super hps, fox farm ocean forest, 5 gallon fabric pots, ph balanced water first 3 weeks now giving organic bloom boost. And lots of love and lst. They would be crazy if we didn’t tie them down.


1000 watt hps on left and 600 mh on the right. This was a few weeks ago. I have all my Autoflower under the new hps light.


And I start with t12 fluorescent home made stand


I do aotos on left and photos on right. I have a temporary wall for budding photos. Looking into a tent for budding photos.


Thanks. My first grow. It’s a lot to learn


What is the reflective material you’re using? You look like you are on the right path to me.


Look like you got the right idea. Are you checking and balancing PH? Did u do a slurry? I ran something from i believe lowes on an outdoor girl last summer named organic bloom booster, from like lowes or that type store and it made the Ph crazy high.? Things look good, just wondering not saying your doing ANYTHING wrong.



It’s insulation for siding a house.


Nothing but fox farm ocean forest. Straight tap water. Started bud boost and black strap molasses. Foliage feed with seed weed general organic


Looks great buddy


60 days today for some of them


Is that last picture also a WW auto I would love to see those results in 60 days pot size made the biggest difference for me.


Yup. Everything on the table ww from ilgm


Everything in white pots still has 2 weeks about. Blue pots hit 60 days yesterday


What strain is this? She lol a great