White Widow autoflower wont flower


Please help. I have 2 white widow autoflowers. At 5 weeks they look beautiful. 1 flowered after 3.5 weeks. The other shows no signs of flower at all and is growing different. Should I change the light cycle? Just leave it go?



You can try to change the light cycle. Could use a little bump. Autos are difficult, have a mind of their own.


She’ll flower when she’s ready, there’s not much you can do. You can put the lights on 12/12, that might help push her.



There are no white hairs indicating it is female or wants to flower. It just keeps growing beautiful veg. It looks different from the other plant as well.


They both look really healthy. I wouldn’t worry about it, autos can flower any time after three weeks, just be patient.


Auto flowers are not altered by light schedules. They flower when their ready, they both look healthy no two are going to grow exactly alike.


Their beautiful my friend nothing to worry about, hit cruise control and let Mother Nature take its course. :v:t3:


Nice ones. I have it too longer. Before summer solstice they tend to do longer, especially northen hemisphere. Sun is not so high yet figuratively speaking.


Thank you very much for your advice and comments. I hope it flowers. The rest of my plants were treated the same and they flowered.


Looking good @Rizzle
I had a northern lights auto go for 130 days and a blueberry auto go longer before they flowered
Be patient and show em lots of love and they won’t let ya down


Sorry 130 days to finish but you get my point
Sorry about the misinformation
They typically go 90 days from sprout to finish
However many of us have had variations
Happy growing


They need bigger pots looking at them compared to water bottle they would still flower but the yield would be real small 3-4 gal work great remember good drainage .


The one on the right flowered and produced a nice harvest. I planted another Jack Herer auto a month later and it did the same thing.