White Widow Autoflower: week 13 and no amber?

Hi All,

I hope all is well. I thank you in advance for your time in helping me as I am at a loss…

I am in week 13 (day 92) with my white widow autoflower and although it looks done, there are no amber trichomes as yet and I just passes the 2 week flush mark and now in the 3rd week…

What should I do as they have not been fed now for 2.5 weeks? Do I wait or should I harvest? I really dont want to mess this up…

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Not sure the answer but I’m following along to learn. I’m also growing white widow 4

Need more close up picture to be able to tell for sure. Your pistols are all red, looks like over 90%. Your trich’s are looking pretty white, could be cloudy.

I would say harvest it. But to make sure take a extreme close up picture. Hold a magnifying glass up to your phone and you can probably get a better pic.

Are you at week 13 of growing, or week 13 of flowering?
If this is an ILGM strain, they rate it at 8 weeks of flowering under best-world conditions, so 10-11 weeks of flowering is realistic. If this strain came from someone else, you will need to check their website to see how long it should flower.

All that said… White Widow is known for producing little amber, and sometimes no amber at all, depending on which phenotype shows up. Keep an eye on your trichomes when it gets close to harvest time. If you get to the point of 100% cloudy trichomes and it stays that way for 1-2 weeks past the time you expect to be harvesting, just cut it down. Don’t wait. Even though you don’t see amber trichomes, it will still have the desired traits that White Widow is known for.

There are a few strains that do this, but White Widow is the most infamous for it.

Edit: I took another look at your photo. It looks like the majority of your pistils are brown, but they are still pretty straight. They will tend to curl in on themselves when they are getting closer to being ready. So, you might want to give it at least another week. Going by the pistils is just a general guide, though. There’s no substitute for getting a really close look at the trichomes.

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Of the 10 WWA I have grown, 8 were in excess of 100 days start to finish with only a few amber

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Hi Tommy,

Its week 13 of grow. Given I have only given ph’d water doe the past 2.5 weeks, should I start feeding them again?


Thanks for post as I’m having less of a heart attack now…should I start feeding them again?

I guess it depends on how long they have been flowering. Did you keep track of that?
From the one photo you provided, it looks like there is still plenty of green in your leaves, so if you are close to harvest, you should be fine continuing to give it plain water. At the end, the plant consumes the nutrients stored in its leaves and they will turn yellow as a result.

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@TommyBahama just said exactly what I thinking. She looks strong with no major leaf degradation so what she has should carry her to finish.
I am at that same decision point with three of my northern lights. Plain water last time so flower nutrients would now be on the menu. I think I have to feed them today.

Hey Beardless,

So you are going to start feeding them again? I think what he was saying was that the leaves have enough stored nutrients that all we should do is ph water them until harvest…given the leaves are still green I am guessing he is saying to ensure the leaves turn all yellow and old as that’s when we know the stored nutrients have been used up…correct?

@CanadianTrooper Correct. Just plain water, pH’d correctly from now on. Your plant has reserves it can/needs to use. If you start feeding again, your buds will taste terrible when you smoke them.

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