White Widow AutoFlower Round Two

OK here is my second WW plant, what am I doing wrong, everyone’s buds are looking great and these are tiny. Also, how far do you think these are from harvest.

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Dont think youve done anything wrong. I juat finished 3 wwa and all 3 were different. Got about an ounce off one and abour 3 oz off another and then…i had one grow tall and larfy like yours.

Im hoping it will beef up soon. Its now at about 9 weeks of flower and i will baby it for a while longer but i already started 3 more and when it comes time for them to need more light and tent space then problem child better be showin some signs of buds or shes outta here. Autos are finicky. No seeds are the same.

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Your plant looks healthy early flowering stage. Keep taking care of her will fatten up. probably got six weeks left. Good luck

@GAlex … your plant has just STARTED, to flower. Take it easy bro, it looks very normal. Those bud sites will get big & fat over the next few weeks. Enjoy the ride!!

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Yep, she just started. This was how my last auto started and ended


Patience is the hardest skill. It is also almost a sure thing a new grower will harvest early. Something we all fight, to tell the truth. You have just started and have 6 or 7 more weeks to go.

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I will have to let it ride. Thanks for the good words.

Thank you for the vote of confidence there. These were my first plants.

That makes me happy and sad all at the same time. LOL I cut the other one that sprouted a week before her last week because all of the hairs had turned amber already. She was just a little further along though and yielded a little more than nothing. You live you learn I guess.

My first WWA grow was one plant. She took nearly 18 weeks. The harvest yielded 4.5 oz dried bud

That is freaking awesome!