White Widow Autoflower Questions

Anybody grow any White Widow autoflower I just did the buy 10 get 10 just wondering about the strain


Search White Widow in topics we have dozens of threads on ww :wink:

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I grew them last year for my first ever grow, they were a fairly easy to grow. I have grown 8 of them to harvest so far, taking between 80 and 95 days seed to harvest. any specific questions, just tag me @Ron330 , and I’ll answer if I know it or give my opinion.

Here is a link to my first grow of 4 WWA if you want to take a look.


I’ve done a run with them. Not from Ilovegrowing but they are awesome, forgiving, and relatively easy to grow. This auto does not like nutes for the first few weeks. Even then use sparingly…they are not kidding when they say it’s hard to recover from mistakes like over watering/too much nutes/and light issues.
Just not enough time like photos…
Be patient, really pay attention to how they grow as to nip any issues that may arise “quickly”.
Happy growing!


I have also grown them youll like them fir sure

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This is my first try at WW autos also, I got the 10 plus 10 deal and grow outside, just waiting on the weather.

Very nice looking gals and and a good journal.

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Yes I just got started I germinated 5 only 2 survived ,one died because it was too cold,1got white mould so I pulled it out cause it got stunted and the other never germinated.
Ones going ok at 5 weeks and the other which is a bit smaller but seems it still looking healthy.
I’m still learning so hopefully next round I’m aiming at 100% better returns.

Thank you there’s a lot of info on here

I did my first grow withWWA back in Jan. All 5/5 grew and had few problems. May start second grow soon