White Widow Autoflower help, please

I am on Day 22 of my first grow. I honestly thought these sweet things were getting so big. Then I decided to google it and discovered that something might not be right.

I will list everything that I feel might be helpful and I would love and appreciate any advice. I’m wondering a few specific things. Are these actually autoflowers? Do I need to change the light? Is the fan hitting them too much? How do I fix this? Thanks so much!!!

Initially they were just in their germination pods for the soil. The light I started with, and am still using, is a 24W T5 lamp.

Growth was good though the stems got a little long and at Day 12 transplanted in 60/40 FFOF and perlite. The advice that I found on the internet that made the most sense to me was transplant and bury a good portion of the stem in the new soil and then add a fan to my tent. The leaves move a bit with the air from the fan. The transplant went well and things have been going good. I have had the light about 4" from the plants. pH is around 6.5 for both. I have only watered when the top soil is dry down quite a ways. I’m not currently using any nutrients but have FF Trio ready to go.

My goal is to so some LST if anyone thinks the plant is strong enough.Or have I missed my window on that?

Thanks again!

You are looking good.
I will let others advise on LST as I dont do it myself. But I think you are fine to do it. Most I have seen says its ok until the stems become thick and woody.
You will probably need more light before long.


It’s an auto, so don’t stunt the growth by topping or fimming.

A little bending of the branches in a few weeks perhaps, but right now I don’t see anything you should be doing other than letting her grow.


Thank you!