White Widow Autoflower has 3 fingered leaves?

Is this normal for an auto flower?

Can you post a pic of it in natural light (not blurple LED)?

I will, stay tuned!

Photo isn’t great and one leave looks like it has 4 but I have a fan on it and it was moving.

normal is out of the window with herb growing.

Be patient as it will amaze you and study the Guides above…:man_farmer:


a couple weeks ago it looked to be flowering and then went back to veg. Now it appears to be flowering again. I had the light on 12/12 because it was near a flowering plant that I couldn’t change the light cycle on. I then harvested that and changed the cycle to a 18/6. If that helps explain it. This is also my first auto flower plant.

posted one!

It’s normal. I had a blueberry auto do the same.

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I have seen as few as 3 and as many as 11 on one I had a number of years ago. Can’t remember strains. They come in many shapes and forms. So long as they grow healthy and to term then I’m usually happy.

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This is normal both of mine have 3 finger leaves and the nugs on those bitches r incredible


Yep. Ruderalis have 3 fingered leaves, and since autos contain ruderalis genetics, sometimes they have them, too.


Seems to be very healthy, very green and growing fast, just all 3 leaves.

Don’t worry. Be happy. I haven’t grown ww
Before but I have had some auto Frisian dew that had 3 finger fans. They came to term with full fat nugs. :+1:

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Did the Frisian Dew deliver ? I read that it has very little odour.

It has some but not too strong. Smokes very nice.

My first indoor. Got almost 2 oz. take into account no training too.

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i hear good things about the Frissian Duck, but I have no personal experience…yet.

Pretty much the same as the dew but different shaped leaves for stealth

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in my order book…many thanks…stealth is the name of the game where I live…the heat is harsh.

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I’ve heard that.