White Widow Autoflower grow question

Question from a fellow grower: My tent size is 48"x 24" x60". I just Planted 3 seed’s in 3 different 5-gallon buckets. They are about half the size of your pinky, auto-flowering white widow. My temperature is 79/42. Is that good. I am using Foxfarm ocean dirt and tiger bloom fertilizer Extra strength, Foxfarm liquid plant food and Foxfarm grow big liquid plant food. Am I good with that ?

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Your space maybe become a issue with 3 plants going in five gallon pots but you should be able to manage them
With fox farms ocean forest soil you would need to start feeding until the plants start to flower FYI and some have found it to be a bit hot for sprouts and seedlings and most will use a seed starting soil then transplant into the ffof

Can you post a few pictures
Maybe join our friendly community so we can help guide you