White widow autoflower about to harvest

Be careful what soil you buy, also you want to buy extra perlite and make it 30% perlite.

You don’t want soil that has nitrogen pellets in it. So nothing that says “feeds for 6 months!”

I’m going to try find the fox farm. This is my second to around and I am learning was I go. Last time I used miracle grow :(. What if they don’t have fox farm, any suggestions on any more. What is perilite?? And can I find it at Co-operation, do I just Fill to the rim, 2in down after tail comes and add the seedling mix that came with my kit for five plants. Then when it time for the next fertilizer, add the mix to water.
I am not sure how to mix it. Because there were no instructions. I want to get this time right. Thank every one that is so amazing!

If you havent bought soil buy coco and perlite, any garden center or hydro store he k home depot or Lowe’s

I will try and find that!! with the fertilizer do I just mix it with water when scheduled? sorry for all the questions . I have learned so much from my first grow but some things I am still lost on.


Get a 5 gallon bucket fill it up with water.
Let it sit for 24hr this allows it to get to room temp and gives time for the chlorine to evaporate.
Mix in your nutrients as instructed by your nutrients, read directions, and clarify with the feed chart your at the right ppm. If it’s to high dilute it, to low increase it but ultimately you want the correct ratio of nutrients by following the instructions while also at the right concentration by checking with a tds meter.

Then you can PH it, 6.5 for soil 5.8 for coco/hydro

Then feed to 20% run off
Catch sample and read it with your oh and tds meters.

Keep. A good log of what’s going in and what’s going out follow the chart.

Thank you!!

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