White Widow Autoflower! 4 Weeks old - Finally Home!

Hey guys I was gone for a minute, and while I was gone my fiancé took great care of my 3 autos. All white widow. Question is are they behind? Because I feel like they should bigger by now? 35 humidity rn because I’m bringing in fresh air and just turned the fan on because I thought they needed some wind because they had small stems they seem to be growing bigger now so I added the Dow rods to help support them. Want to start doing LST training. I was late getting home and didn’t get to FIM so any suggestions on when to give nutes, (I’m using the fox farm trio). Also have some sensi grow but don’t think I’ll need it. P.H at a steady 6.5 lights is a Wakyme light. It’s not that great wanna go bigger ASAP. Probably next paycheck. Any help is great.


@Nicky follow this thread bro

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They should be MUCH bigger in my opinion. Usually at 4-5 weeks they start flowering. My guess is that your lighting simply isn’t enough

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So a I screwed or can I lower my light? I’m at 589 LUX, about 17” away from the top of them moved them closer today. Or will they just grow slow?

Drop it down! It can’t be too hot next to it. I am running a test with an HLG 90 watt and a crappy Mars on a pair of auto gorilla glue and I have them about 6” from it. I run 50,000 lux on mine in flower and 35,000 in veg.

I recommend looking into a single horticulture lighting group HLG 260 to start off in 3000k to start off with. A great long lasting reliable light for $300 that will flower two plants to the extreme

Hey man thanks for the tag, watching.

How old are they I don’t think you mentioned that.
Also what exact light is it? Lux is a bad measuring method to go by unless you know the exact type of light producing that lux, and hlg rspec producing 5000 lux vs sunlight at 5000 lux vs a burple or anything else producing 5000 lux is a much different amount of radiation that the plant can use.
That being said I agree that your lights not producing enough lux get it much closer take a couple readings and find where it’s maximized
Your 500 lux of that burple is producing about 44 PPFD and in veg you want 300-800 PPFD so more like 3500-9000 lux from burples (you won’t be able to achieve this with your light just do the best you can)

What medium are you growing in, I will assume soil because you said 6.5 ph. What type of soil? Did you add 30% perlite?
Are you letting them do the wet dry cycle?

Getting your VPD dialed in will greatly help once you drop/improve your lighting.
Download this chart, print it and place it in your grow room. Keep referring to it and do the best you can because it is how well the plant can breath basically

They are about 5 Weeks old now. One is devolopinf white hairs in the center of her. From what I read it’s pre flower. She looks to be doing good. The other 2 are a little behind but they look pretty healthy. Will put updated pics later. It’s a wakyme 600 watt light. It’s not really 600 I’m sure. I’m growing in fox farm. So far no nites but I think I need to soon. I got called out of state to work so really it become a hassle. She’s running 18/6 while I’m gone, watering every 4
Days or so. I just kicked both bloom and veg on hoping this will help about 3 days ago and so far nothing bad so that’s good. They seem to have grown double since I turned both on. Trying to keep it between the numbers on the chart. Don’t really have much problems with humidity. ! Will take better pictures later. Also have the fan running 12-16 hours a day Atleast. image|375x500

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Pre flower = stretch phase so they will grow a bunch for a week maybe 2 then that’s max size and will bud up.
The light is 110-115w
Aka veg light or 1 plant of that in flower… But I’m sure you know your lacking light since you are here on the forums.

I hear you, the lifestyle of being home every day is a dream… I wish I could grow every day

I just can’t buy a light right now. And don’t need to really. I got a baby coming soon too. As soon as they legalize everything down here I think I’ll make a career out of it if I’m not busy on some other business lol. I’d love to be home everyday. I’m gone a month at a time and only home for 11 days. I’m home for a total of like 50 days a year

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Added another LED. I was out of town and couldn’t go to the hydroponics store at home so I just ordered a viperspectra to help get this round thru. They were super late due to lack of lighting but they seem to be taking off now that more light is in e tent. Gonna get a HLG light. Probably a DIY light build. Any experience with them? Looking to spend $300-$500 but I want a light capable of making some massive buds. Also about to plant 5-10 outside. I definitely need some guidance on growing outside and my first steps. Gonna post updates on these and if they make it the full term and bloom !

Dang bro get that baby DNA tested, anyways how did the plants turn out?

I agree I can’t say I’m real happy with ilgm seeds I feel the genes are not that good I’m unsure so far got a different stain now blue dream fem but the white widow auto :thinking: still exploring 7 out of 20 seeds did not germinate the ones that did some didn’t make it and the othersseem to be struggling mine are 4wks old and are smaller than yours my medium is ocean forest lightly with leaping frog and a seed starter lightly on top. My lighting is 2000 led bn on flowering mode switching to all lights bn on 24 since they are auto very disappointing also I bn controlling my humidity temp air flow infinity aline6inch fan . I also have fan on low facing the plants with rotation I been watching the ph Val and watering with spring water