White Widow Autoflower - 3 weeks old - would you like to follow me on her journey?

Alrighty so I just harvested my first and have yet to dry and want to do this one correctly so please throw any advice at me.

So I don’t get overwhelmed and spaz out I’d like to just concentrate on watering right now and have a few questions.

White Widow Autoflower - growing in a closet…hope you will be here when she comes out of the closet…

So…3 weeks old yesterday - born Feb 26th! I bought nutes from ILGM and have the chart - attached in pictures. My first plant I didn’t add nutes until she flowered so I want to do this one correctly.

As you will see - Seedling Fertilizer - 1/2 tsp in 1 gallon of water - so I literally added 1/2 tsp into a gallon of distilled water. As the ILGM chart sent by email - seedlings take 1 cup of water and when start growing 2 cups of water - so for the first two weeks I gave her only water and when she started growing I googled and saw not to give full nutes and not before two weeks - so I gave her two cups of water - of that 2 cups - I gave 1/4 cup of the mixed nute water that I had. So she didn’t have much and I see slight browning. I only gave once. I gave water after that and today she is due water. I water on one day and leave two days and water the next day - after checking she is dry.

Should I go on to the Growtime Fertilizer? I will get the gallon of distilled water and add 2/3 tsp Growtime Fertilizer to it - that is then my nute bottle…If I am giving her 2 cups when I water - how much should be fertilizer? Should I fertilize one time - then water - then fertilize - or should I fertilize less often?

With the last grow I started late and started with flowertime and gave 2 cups of fertilizer - then the next time 2 cups of water - then repeat the cycle.

I was then told to water until I get run off - which you don’t at two cups so I upped the watering

I have Seedlings - 1 cup
Start growing - 2 cups
End growing - 4 cups
Start flowering - 8 cups

This was sent in an email from support on here.

Literally I would love someone to baby me and tell me what to give each time I water her - today she is due…I gave her water three days ago - not sure if today is Growtime Fertilizer…and how much…

Yes I’m needy…love ya! Do I start LST now or leave a bit?


My Ww


Howdy! Firstly, what kind of soil are you in? A lot of soils hold nutes from 4-6wks before needing anything but water.

Secondly, that is your “weekly” feed chart, so once a week, you will whip up a gallon of the GrowTime. Water only in between, when the soil has mostly dried. Be sure that when you feed and water, you are pH’ing to what’s appropriate for your medium.

Since you have an auto, she will flower soon. You will notice little pistils, and then switch to your Flowertime, at about 1/2 - 3/4 strength to help avoid any shock. I don’t use soil or Bergmans, but that is standard practice.



Yup - I grew another and harvested last night so I think I know what to expect - we will see ha! I just didn’t time the last one and didn’t monitor.

Ocean Forest - Potting Soil. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08W2CB7GV?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_image


I gave regular water last on Friday - so skip two days and she is dry today and due…not sure nutes or plain water - I’m thinking plain water

No nutes for at least 4-6 weeks as FFOF is nute heavy.


Your runoff PPM will indicate when it is time for nutes. No nutes until runoff reaches about 1000-1100


ok no nutes until 6 weeks unless looks like needs something around 4 weeks…will hold off till week 6


Ok…how I am supposed to guage run off when I am only to be giving 2 cups of water? See pictures as to how I figure how much - advice from ILGM email.


Your soil will feed for more than a couple of weeks. At about week 5, water till runoff of about 20% and check your PPM of runoff.


So I am ok doing 2 cups of water right now as per chart?


Yes until you see signs of a deficiency. Then water till runoff and check runoff PPM


Gotcha! You da man! Thanks!


LST - would you start now and bend down the main a little?

My space is limited and she needs to keep low as I cannot raise the light more than it is and the one I just harvested started to foxtail and I think you said that may be due to the light being too close

Train away!!!


Not too short is she?

I really cant count the nodes. Need to be about 6

I would top her now.

Thanks for the rebound @GreggT !!! @Lozzie when you give your first full soak of plain water, check the runoff then. Every now and then FFOF can be a tad inconsistent. Still good stuff if you use it right.

And gregg got you on the training, also. Just watch out because autos can be a tad finicky. Some good LST and a little defol here and there. A few growers knock them outta the park with HST (High Stress Training) and topping and super cropping, but not me tho lol.

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