White widow auto

I’m going to order 10 white widow seeds. I’m going to shoot for 6 plants. How big should the tent be? What kind of lights should I use? Intake and exhaust system? I need to learn all I can and I have read up on all of the topics just looking for straight answers for my specific grow. Thanks to all who participate.

Go five and five. 4x4 deep and wide would be good five or six feet tall Gotta count for lights. Idk about vents and whatnot. Prob a carbon filter fan thing off amazon would do right. I use house fans. Budget grower that’s me. I wired up some pc fans but didn’t like to leave something I spliced together unattended.


I agree with jheezy on the 4X4 for 6 plants. Get the tallest you can’t find that will work in your space. You can never have enough height.

You will need at least one fan, maybe 2 for ventilation, size will depend on the fittings on you’re tent. Flexible ducting most likely. Oscillating fans for creating airflow inside the tent. Lights and mounting hardware can go many ways. You need to download Robert’s grow Bible and read it at least twice. Most of your answers are in there.


For 5-6 plants I would recommend a 5x5’ tent. Although I grow in hydro (DWC), if you plan on growing big plants then you’ll want the extra space. I can barely fit 2 plants in my 5x5’ lol. But I grow pretty big plants, when really I could put them into flower when they are smaller if I chose to.

But honestly, the extra space is better in my opinion for moving things around too. You can walk around plants, move plants, etc.

Either way, I wouldn’t buy anything smaller than a 4x4’ :v:


Thanks for the information

I think I will have to do a 6x6 just for a little bit more room. What cheap lights should I run with?

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I would recommend a 600w HID fixture. You can get a kit for about $150-$175 that comes with just about everything you need other than a fan and ducting. A 1000w would cover the 6x6 better than the 600w will. Here’s a link for a kit that I personally own. They also sell 1000w kits, so take a look around and decide what you’d like. :v:


If you’re worried about heat, I would look into LED fixtures. And if that is the way you decide to go, just ask @iva and @yoshi for LED recommendations.

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I agree with ktreez. I have a 600w HID similar his and they work awesome.