White widow auto yellow leaves

Greetings all, I’m growing WW auto. I’m on second attempt, day 14ish from the seedlings first breaking through the dirt. I have a 2.7x2.7x5 tent with a spider farmer sp1000 light dimmed at 50% set about 24" above my plants. RH between 45 and 71%. Seeds started in FFHF solo cups then transplanted to 3 gallon fabric pots and FFOF. Tent temp stays between 74 and 78 degrees. 18on/6off light schedule. Water ph’ed to 6.2. With a half dose of CalMG. Just fed FF kelp me kelp you and Holy Mackeral. One plant is green but growing a little slower than the other. The faster growing one has new leaves that are coming out yellow then changing green a little. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? Thanks for the help

First off, welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

I’ve grown in both FFOF and Happy frog.

IMO, 2 things, stop the CalMag for now, half a dose of what? I’d recommend a 2.5 ml per gallon on water only days at week 3 or 4 for preventive maintenance.

Looking at her, she is on nute overload for now. Switching from the soils could do that, I think she will recover just fine an a week or two.

Lastely because I can’t count to 3 :slight_smile: pH your water to 6.5, not sure if that soil meter you have in soil is what numbers you are giving us, but those are about worthless. Get a pH pen.

Happy growing;


If your using FFOF soil you don’t need to add any nutes for 5-6 weeks. It already has everything the plant needs.


These were just put in the FFOF about two or three days ago. They were in FFHF in solo cups at first. The one with the yellowing has been doing that since about day 5 after breaking the soil in its solo cup. I only added a 1/4 of the recommended amount of Fox farms “Holy Mackerel” and fox farms “kelp me kelp you” to the gallon of ph’ed water I gave them two days ago. I use an apera ph60 pen to ph my water. That meter is trash. I was trying it out to see if it worked and the needle never moved. I attached photos of the “nutes” and what the yellowish one looked like when it was smaller. I thoigh maybe it was a magnesium deficiency but, it’s still growing so I don’t know at this point.

That’s the problem. Stop feeding them. Water only for atleast 4 weeks. Then monitor runoff ppms to start feed. That’s why these soils cost more. Ocean forest will feed your plant all the way to flower. Once flowering begins is when you will need to amend or supplement.
What’s your water source? If you fall between 6-7 pH and not crazy high nitrogen or iron I wouldn’t pH adjust during this time either. You have dolomite, oyster husks, I forget and rhizo bacteria in your soil to buffer within moderation. I feed as low as 5.5 in soil. But I also introduce more rhizo through granular myko and tribus. So I’m always building on the symbiotic relationship between rhizo bacteria and my roots. So they grow faster, thicker and get increased nutrient uptake. Instead of feeding every other water. That’s what works best for me in happy frog soil. I would recommend tribus original or bloom to any cannabis grower. You can add tribus in any soil at anytime and it won’t hurt anything. Up to 10x strength even.

The one was yellowing before the FFoF or any additives. Water source is from the faucet. My faucet waters ph is between 7.8 and 8.3. I’ll flush with some 6.5 water and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions

I didnt mean the apera ph pen was trash, I was talking about the one I had stuck in the soil.

I was wondering how I could throw up ph to be around yours for a test in happy frog with my regimen. I don’t feel using potassium carbonate to throw up my pH would be appropriate for the test. Do you know what drives your pH up?

But yeah. Depending on ppms you may want to look into buying ro water. Saves a lot of headache.

Not sure, I thought it was weird it was that high. ppm is around 770. This morning was pretty cool, I opened the tent a caught the first whiff of dankness. I stooped down and sniffed the yellowish one and it smells GREAT!

Your water out the tap is 770 ppm? That’s crazy high if so. Is that with an ec of 1.0 or 1.4?

Unless the cheap vivosun ppm pen is off, yeah…its high. We only shower in it. Even our dog drinks filtered spring water

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Sounds like our house , spoiled ass pets

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So your watering a plant with water you won’t even let your dog drink think i’d invest in some kind of filter

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