White Widow Auto won't stop stretching up

Thank you.

She’s really putting on some size. Most of these buds are over a foot long.

I did find a couple of bud rot spots. They were small and easy to cut out. Nothing serious. This damn humidity needs to go away. I figured I would be harvesting this plant by now.

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The Head Nug.

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I’ve had some bud rot issues. Nothing out of control yet. This is the worst of it. The weather changed over night and the humidity has dropped. Looks like it might stay that way long term and cool. I hope so or I’ll have to harvest a bit premature. I have smoked a bud from this plant and it’s great already. I hope I have time to wait her out until she’s at her peak. For me I like to see some amber first.

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So, I decided to harvest my plant early. Saw a little bit of bud rot every day for the last week. I’m glad I did because there was several other small spots of rot hiding in a few of the bigger buds.

Same bud trimmed up.


Bucket of White Widow.


Here is my final final weight on plant #2.

These are all my nice sized buds.

Suger leaf/popcorn buds.

This will make some great edibles.

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So here’s my thoughts about the two techniques.

1st was the bigger of the two regardless of yield. No training besides giving the stalk a sturdy support. She was almost two ounces more at just under 6 oz. The buds were on the fluffy side. She never picked up a strong smell until you break up the buds. I’m still learning to properly dry/cure. Trail and error. At least in the case the error is still incredible. She took twelve weeks start to finish.

2nd was the smaller of the two. I supercropped this one and gave her a sturdy support. Supercropping prolonged flowering by a month. The buds were larger and all the buds are more dense. They both have a very mild smell until you break the buds up. She weighed in at 4.2ozs of really nice buds. 1.5 ounces of sugar leaves and popcorn buds. She took sixteen weeks start to finish. I did harvest a bit early due to bud rot issues. She is starting her cure.